Dead Horse Point State Park

Drone Regulations



We will see you flying next winter.

Dead Horse Point is a small state park that often experiences high levels of visitation. In order to protect peoples’ privacy and enjoyment, along with the well being of wildlife, drones are prohibited from March through October of each year. 

Between November 1st and February 28th/29th of each year, drone use is permitted by permit only.  Permits cost $10 and must be filled out at the visitor center (open daily 9am-5pm) before operating.

Permits are valid for one calendar day from 9am of the date of purchase until 9am of the date after.  Additional permits must be acquired for more days.

Permitted operators must follow special regulations to respect the traditional visitor experience of Dead Horse Point State Park and protect sensitive wildlife resources.  These regulations are:

The unmanned aircraft:

  • will not fly higher than 400 feet
  • must be kept in eyesight at all times
  • will not fly over people and vehicles (moving or parked) and remain a minimum of 25 feet from individuals and property
  • will not intentionally disturb or harass wildlife
  • will not be flown over park buildings or structures
  • will not be flown in high winds or adverse weather conditions
  • will not interfere with park rescue operations or programs
  • will not fly below the canyon rim

Park staff has the authority to enforce regulations and check permits at any time and violations of the rules can result in a revocation of permit privileges.

NOTE: Because of the high use by visitors and concentration of structures, drone operation at the main viewpoint of Dead Horse Point is illegal.  Operators must hike at least a short distance  and get away from the developed rim to comply with regulations.