We invite you to visit your favorite state park or choose one you haven’t visited before.

There is something for everyone including boating, golfing, camping, hiking, exploring, ATV riding, canoeing, taking photographs, and enjoying the natural beauty of red rock canyons or vast sand-covered hills.

Our 46 state parks offer opportunities for fun and learning for individuals or families. Take time to get outside and experience the heritage, scenic and recreational state parks that exist for your enjoyment. Learn about the state’s rich natural, cultural and historic treasures.

Not only do state parks provide recreation opportunities, but they are also a huge economic driver for rural communities. Visitors buy goods and services from local businesses during their stay. These include gas stations, restaurants, car repairs, rentals, recreation equipment, tours, and much more.

Your safety is our main concern. If you are on the water, please wear your life jacket. If you’re riding out on the trail, please wear your helmet.

Meet Our Leadership Team!

Our Mission Statement

To enhance the quality of life of Utahns and visitors by preserving and providing natural, cultural, and recreational resources for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations.

State Park System

Services and Functions: We manage Utah’s state park system, which includes operations, planning, and protection of 46 heritage, scenic, and recreation parks.

The Utah Division of Parks and Recreation was officially born in 1957 as the Utah State Parks Commission. The Territorial Statehouse was named the first state park that same year.

Planning and Development

We guide short and long-term site management for each park to protect and interpret each park’s natural and cultural resource base, ensure safe, enjoyable visitor experiences, provide for new visitor opportunities, and develop and enhance facilities to meet visitor needs.


Employment and Volunteer Information