Special Event Policy & Process

State Parks Make Perfect Venues for Special Events and Activities
Make Sure to Get Your Special Use Permit

Utah State Parks staff want you to have the best time possible at your triathlon, fishing tournament, wedding, family reunion, photography workshop, corporate function, or any other type of large gathering or commercial event. Our beautiful park sites and museums are the perfect venues for these types of events and activities.

Special Use Permits Help Us Best Serve Your Needs

Special Use Permits are required for these types of events and activities so that State Parks personnel can best serve your needs while balancing the needs of other park visitors and the capacity of each park and facility. Visit our individual park pages to find staff contact for the park where you plan to host your event. Staff will work with you to determine IF a Special Use Permit will be required and IF your event or activity can be approved.

Start the Permit Process Early

Special Use Permit applications need to be submitted at least 30 days in advance and can require much more notice for larger activities that will have a significant impact on the park so please start early. There is a $10 application processing fee and Special Use Permit fees vary by park and event. Download the forms and send your completed application to the appropriate park by fax or mail.

Special Use Permit Application – .PDF

Special Use Permit Application – .docx

Insurance May Be Required for Your Gathering or Special Event

Some events require participant liability waivers and proof of liability insurance. If insurance is required and you do not currently have an acceptable policy, please contact State Contract Holder Nadine Guss at (801) 715-7125 of Fred A. Moreton Company.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the permitting requirements for fishing contests/tournaments held at Utah State Park lakes and reservoirs?
Two state agencies currently regulate fishing tournaments at Utah State Park lakes and reservoirs; the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and the Utah Division of Parks and Recreation.   Depending on the type of fishing contest or tournament you are holding, you might be required to obtain a permit from one or both of these agencies.

Continue reading the questions and answers below for more information on the Utah Division of State Parks and Recreation fishing contest/tournament requirements. Visit the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources web page for more information on fishing contest/tournament requirements.

What determines whether I need a Utah Division of Parks and Recreation permit for a fishing contest or tournament held at a State Park?   
Permitting required by the Division of Parks and Recreation depends on a number of factors including tournament size and location, date and time of year, water levels, parking, tournament group needs, and many other factors.  Because of this, it is important to contact our park staff directly to determine what will be needed.

How do I contact park staff to find out what is needed?
Park manager and assistant park manager contact information is listed on each individual park web page. These pages can be found here.  Most fishing tournaments, organized activities, and events, regardless of size, will require you to apply for a Special Use Permit.  Requirements and fees for completion of the permitting process are based on the impact of your group and activity on the specific State Park facility.

How far in advance do I need to apply for a Special Use Permit?
Please remember to contact park staff well in advance of your event to avoid conflicts with other park activities scheduled throughout the year.  Most parks require a minimum of 30-day advance notice in order to accommodate requests. Some events may require several months or up to one year’s advance notice. If reservable facilities are needed for the event, sites need to be secured at least 4 months in advance and up to 11 months in advance for group sites.

How much does a Special Use Permit cost?
The cost of a Special Use Permit varies depending on a number of factors including event size and location, date and time of year, water levels, parking, event group needs, and many other factors.  There is a $10 application fee and a Special Use Permit fee that starts at $50.  Links to the Special Use Permit application and form can be found on this page.  Contact the park manager for the water in question for specifics related to the cost of your event permit.

What about tournaments held on lakes and reservoirs that are not State Parks:
For lakes and reservoirs that are not state parks, you will need to get permission from the agency in charge of the facility you want to use.  You will also need to follow all applicable rules and regulations required by the Division of Wildlife Resources.  Please visit this link to determine what permitting will be necessary from the Division of Wildlife Resources: