Scofield State Park

Starting October 1, 2023 Scofield State Park will be walk-in camping only *first come first serve*. Park staff will also be starting winterization procedures at Mountain View and Madsen Bay with a hard camping/winterization closure on November 1, 2023. There are 4 pit toilets located around Scofield and are open year round. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Huntington State Park Office at 435-687-2491. If there is an emergency please call 911 and request a Ranger.

NOTICE: Avian influenza has been confirmed in wild bird populations in this area. If you find any dead birds do not touch them or pick them up. Please report any dead birds to the DWR office in Price at 435-613-3700. Learn more here.

“Warning” Advisory for Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) at Scofield Reservoir

The South Eastern Health Department has posted Warning Advisory signs at access points at Scofield Reservoir to alert the public about harmful algal blooms in some areas of the waterbody. 

Scofield State Park remains open for recreation at this time. Recreationists are advised to not swim or waterski in areas of scum, avoid boating in areas of scum, and to keep animals away. Fishing remains open, but anglers are advised to clean fish well and discard guts. 

Visitors can still recreate in the reservoir but are cautioned to be mindful of water conditions, as blooms may move or disperse depending on temperature, wind, and weather.

Algae occurs naturally in some water bodies. Occasionally, large accumulations of algae can result in algal blooms. 
Visit for more information. 

Check our More Conditions Information Page for Closing dates. (located to the right –>)

Welcome to Scofield State Park

Camp, boat, and fish at this summer and winter recreation destination situated high in the Manti-La Sal Mountains.  Two separate areas offer amenities for day and overnight use.

Our two campgrounds offer campsites near the reservoir. Mountain View Campground is near the dam and offers incredible views of the lake as it is built on a terrace on the shoreline. Many of these campsites would be ideal for smaller trailers or tents. Madsen Bay Campground is on the northern shoreline and has recently been renovated with electric and water utilities. These sites are paved and larger to accommodate current camping trailers.

During winter, ice fish, snowmobile, and cross-country ski in a spectacular mountain setting.

Scofield is known for producing a variety of trout. Cutthroat Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Tiger Trout can be caught from shore or on a boat.

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