Welcome to Jordan River Off-Highway Vehicle State Park!

Complete and sign your waiver(s) using our online Google Form before you come to save time!          

REMEMBER THAT ALL BIKES NEED TO BE CURRENTLY REGISTERED TO OPERATE ON PUBLIC LANDS AND THE PARK IS NOEXCEPTION! Stickers need to be displayed properly! Please visit the website to purchase resident or Non-resident sticker! http://recreation.utah.gov/                   

Minor Waiver              Adult Waiver

* We have updated our waiver system. Waivers are now only required once a year and are good till the end of the year.  New Waivers are located below or at the park upon arrival!

Youth Rider Requirements: Anyone under 18 can operate an OHV on public land (no longer an 8-year-old minimum age requirement) if they are:

  • Able to reach and operate each control necessary to safely operate the off-highway vehicle and;
  • Have in their possession an OHV education certificate or a valid Driver’s License and;
  • Under direct adult supervision

Adult supervision is required if:

  • Under 18;
  • Does not possess a valid driver’s license; and (Note: Learners permit requires licensed parent/guardian seated next to driver (adult supervision))
  • Operating an OHV on a public highway that is:
  • Open to motor vehicles; and
  • Not exclusively reserved for OHV use.

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Pricing: Our day use price is $35 per rider for all tracks except the 50 track. 50 TRACK RIDERS day use is $15 per rider. If you purchase a wristband for the 50 track you will not be able to ride the other tracks for that day. We will be offering punch passes for this season, buy 5 entries get the 6th entry for free. Punch passes does not include the 50 track riders. You can purchase the punch pass all at once for the price of $175 or pay the daily fee of $35. Ask for a punch pass at the front gate.


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Dates and times are subject to change. We will post any changes on our official Jordan River OHV Facebook Page