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From the prominence of Dead Horse Point, 2,000 feet above a gooseneck in the Colorado River, an ever-changing landscape unfurls. Immense vertical cliffs meet with canyons carved by ice, water, and wind creating a visual masterpiece. Plants and animals surviving on the edge of existence face many challenges of extreme conditions within this high desert environment. Stories of ancient hunters, resting along the cliff tops while knapping chert in preparation for the next hunt, and cowboys of the late 1800s, chasing wild mustangs onto Dead Horse Point, using the narrow neck to block off the natural corral. What story will you discover on your visit to Dead Horse Point State Park?

Road Construction: We have finished paving Highway 313 through Dead Horse Point State Park and will finish installing delineators and signs before mid-July. The Kayenta Campground is reservable with the exception of July 9th through July 20th when we will be paving that loop.

The road is now slightly wider and much safer than it was before.

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