Dead Horse Point State Park

Special Use Permits

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and guidance from our elected officials, we will not be approving Special Use Permits that plan to have more than 10 people in attendance. If you would like to tentatively reserve a date for a wedding or event you can email your Special Use Permit application to and we will pencil you in on the calendar. Also, the wedding Venue upstairs in the Visitor Center will be unavailable through at least the 20th of January (pending improved COVID-19 statistics). All applications with more than 10 people will also need to submit the COVID-19 Event Planning Template with their applications before they will be considered. 

Special Use Permits are required for any events or activities beyond normal park activities. Commercial activities such as filming, photography, hiking tours, mountain biking tours, workshops, and weddings all require a Special Use Permit. 

Download the Special Use Permit application and submit it as least 30 days before the event. Each permit requires a $10 application fee and a minimum of a $50 permit fee (varies by request). All fees will be collected (usually over the phone using a credit card) after the application has been reviewed by park management, signatures have been acquired, and before the permit is finalized.

Some events require participant liability waivers and proof of liability insurance (liability limits vary by activity). Most weddings do not require liability insurance.

When a certificate of liability is required please list: State of Utah Parks and Recreation, 1594 W. North Temple #116, Salt Lake City, UT 84116 as additionally insured in the certificate holder section of the certificate.

For more information or to submit an application, please contact Aaron Farmer, Park Manager, at (435) 259-2614 or

SUP Application (PDF) –  If #28 for insurance information does not display correctly, try opening the file in Internet Explorer or use the Word document below.

SUP Application (Word) – Please use the PDF file rather than the Word file if possible.

Commercial Drone Permit – Must accompany a Special Use Permit application and may only be acquired for filming in November through February.

COVID-19 Event Template – Must accompany a Special Use Permit for all weddings, events, and commercial productions regardless of the group size.