Dead Horse Point State Park



Night Sky Programs

Special Events & Programs

Evening Program

“Masters of the Night”

June 29th: 8:45 PM @ The Visitor Center

Bats are strongly seated in a fearsome place within our hearts, yet we may actually owe them a place of honor and gratitude.  Join a park ranger in a discussion of the myths and facts surrounding these aerial aces of the night.  Program will take place at the Visitor Center, last approximately 45 minutes and include the attempted identification of bats through their echolocation.

Discovery Tables

Every weekend, park staff will be hosting learning tables at the Visitor Center or Dead Horse Point Overlook.  Dates and times are specific to staffing so inquire at the visitor center about whether a discovery table will be happening.  Topics span a wide range from mammals, birds, reptiles and insects to the local history, geology and plant life of the park.