Dead Horse Point State Park

Spirit and Grit: Ranching in Canyonlands

This year in our Visitor Center we are hosting an exhibit put together by the Moab Museum.

Thousands of years of human history have unfolded across the Dead Horse Point State Park landscape. The Park’s name originates from its storied ranching history. One legend claims a group of cowboys cornered a herd of wild horses on the point. The horses, in a frenzy of exhaustion and thirst, could see and smell the water below and leapt to their deaths.

Take a look back in time at this colorful chapter of regional history—and learn how cattle hands survived in Canyon Country: Did cattle hands really camp for months? What happened before cattle ranching? How did they raise babies in the desert, much less thousands of cows? What about cowgirls?

You can also learn more abou the exhibit and the Moab Museum here: