Dead Horse Point State Park

Current Conditions

Last Updated: May 11th 2018

Day-Use: Open
Moenkopi Yurts: Open
Kayenta Campground: Open
Wingate Campground & Yurts: Open
Road Conditions: Clear
Trail Conditions: All hiking and biking trails are open.
Average Temperatures: Highs: 80s/ Lows: 40’s


Other Information: 

Campground and yurts are open year-round.  Make reservations through Reserve America.  The brand new Wingate Campground with 31 new campsites and 6 new yurts are online for reservations!  Check out our Wingate Campground, Wingate Yurts and Moenkopi Yurts pages for more info.

In this transitioning season from winter to summer, plan for dynamic conditions.  Temperatures can be in the 70’s one day and snow may be flying the next.

As conditions get sunnier and warmer, prepare for the toll that takes on the body.  Proper hydration, snacking, and resting in the shade all contribute to staving off heat related illness.  Set realistic adventure goals and do not hesitate to turn around if you start to feel sick.

Also remember that dogs must be attended to at all times while in the park.  Dogs are allowed on the Dead Horse Point Rim hiking trail system and the developed areas but they must be on a leash and under your control.  Dogs are not allowed on the Intrepid Mountain Biking Trail system for their and other’s safety.  Leaving dogs unattended in vehicles is not only illegal but dangerous for their safety when temperatures get above 70 degrees F.  If you would like to mountain bike with your dog there are other trails off the park on which they are allowed to join you.

Click here for our seven day forecast.