Dead Horse Point State Park

Current Conditions

Last Updated: February 16th, 2017

Day-Use: Open
Campground + Yurts: Open
Road Conditions: Clear
Trail Conditions: All hiking and biking trails are open.
Average Temperatures: Highs: 40s/ Lows: 20’s


Other Information: 

Campground and yurts are open year-round.  Expect and prep for snowy, winter camping until March.  Make reservations through Reserve America.

The El Nino weather trend of this winter has kept the park fairly dry but it has weakened some in the last couple weeks.  Unseasonably high temperatures have been replaced by our more expected wintry conditions.  Highs can vary from freezing to the 50’s and lows are routinely going below freezing.  For a few days after storms the trails can get sloppy but generally stay in fine condition.

Always check the weather forecast this time of year before visiting the park.  If snow storms are going to move through the area be warned that conditions at the park can be challenging.  While SR 313 does get plowed by the state, that is only after other needs have been met.  We try to keep up with snow at the campground, yurts and parking lots but problems can arise.  Even with four wheel drive, snowy and icy conditions could be bad enough to challenge getting to and from the park safely.  Click here for our seven day forecast.