Dead Horse Point State Park

Current Conditions

Last Updated: July 15th 2018

Day-Use: Open
Moenkopi Yurts: Open
Kayenta Campground: Open
Wingate Campground & Yurts: Open
Road Conditions: Clear
Trail Conditions: All hiking and biking trails are open.
Average Temperatures: Highs: 90s/ Lows: 60’s


Other Information: 

Campground and yurts are open year-round.  Make reservations through Reserve America.  The heat of the summer scares some people away, but electric hookups in the campgrounds and A/C in the yurts make the desert bearable!


The summer monsoon has started, and that means that lightning is becoming a danger to consider!  Lightning can strike up to thirty miles away from the edge of a thunderstorm, so a storm over the Needles district of Canyonlands is even dangerous (easily visible from Dead Horse Point.)  Lightning often strikes tall objects, and in an area of small trees that makes us even more at risk.  If a thunderstorm moves through, we recommend viewing it from within a building or a vehicle.  Please note, the shade structure at The Point is not a safe viewing area.

Click here for our seven day forecast.

Photo: Lightning is a beautifully dramatic, and dangerous, part of the summer experience at Dead Horse Point State Park.