Wasatch Mountain State Park

Special Use Permits

Special Use Permits are required for any event(s) or activities beyond normal park activities.  Such activities needing a permit would include any commercial activity, athletic events, music events, bouncy houses, large groups, filming, fishing tournaments, etc.  A Special Use Permit application and a $10 application fee are required at least 60 days before the event. The Park Manager will then review the application and determine if the activity can be approved with a Special Use Permit.  The Special Use Permit fee is $50.  Additional fees vary depending on the type of event and its impact on the park and public.  Please check our park events calendar to see what events are already scheduled. Special Use Permits can be handed into the Wasatch Mountain State Park Visitor Center located at 1281 Warm Springs Road, Midway UT 84049 or can be emailed to jonathanhunt@utah.gov.

Special Use Permit Application 2018

Commercial Photography

While we allow and encourage taking pictures throughout our beautiful park, If you are looking to use our park and take pictures for commercial gain you must follow the protocols and obtain a Special Use Permit.

Please refer to the Heber Valley Special Events Tool Kit for more information on holding your event in the Heber Valley.

Heber Valley Special Events Tool Kit

Drone Permits

Drones are allowed at Wasatch Mountain State Park with a Drone Permit. You must complete a Drone Permission Form and follow all rules and regulations regarding drones. This permit only covers personal use. Once you have completed the form, it must be approved by Park Management before you can operate. There is a $10 permit fee that can be paid at the park office. If you are interested in flying a drone for commercial use, you must apply for a Special Use Permit through the Park Manager. Requirements and restrictions apply such as having a remote pilot airman certificate with a small UAS rating.