Antelope Island State Park

Current Conditions

 Last Updated: 2/2/2023

Day-Use: Open
Campgrounds: Open. Potable water has been shut off for the winter season.
Ice Thickness: n/a
Road Conditions: Clear
The roads south of Fielding Garr Ranch and to the upper Frary Peak Trailhead have been closed for the season. They will reopen in the spring. The trails remain open – please park at Fielding Garr Ranch or the lower Frary Peak parking area to access these trails.
Shoulder construction continues along the Davis County Causeway. This will have very little impact on traffic flow.
Trail Conditions: Snow and ice on higher elevation trails. Lower trails are muddy in some places.
Fire Restrictions: None
Lake Access: Caution: Due to extremely low water levels in Great Salt Lake, access from the parking lots to the lake shoreline is over 1 mile. Conditions at the shoreline may be muddy and potentially hazardous.

Note: Due to low water levels in Great Salt Lake, the marina is no longer useable to launch boats.

Insects: During warm months, insects are present on the island and emerge at different times.

  • Biting gnats (no-see-ums)Not currently active emerge in the spring (April – June).  These are very tiny biting flies. Insect repellent is ineffective against the gnats; fine-mesh head nets are recommended.
  • Midges Not currently active are non-biting flies that form columns along the causeway mid-spring through early fall. These are what cover your windshield while driving to and from the island.
  • Mosquitoes Not currently active are present from mid- spring through early fall. Insect repellent is effective. Note: West Nile Virus has been found in Davis County.
  • Brine Flies Not currently active are non-biting flies that cover the shorelines and occasionally move onto land early-summer through fall. These flies are harmless and move out of the way when approached.