Antelope Island State Park

Drone Regulations for Antelope Island State Park

After a review period, the following guidelines have been set for Antelope Island State Park.

In order to protect peoples’ privacy and enjoyment, along with the well being of our abundant wildlife, the following guidelines and regulations are in place (these are for Antelope Island State Park only. For other areas, please contact those parks directly):

Drones are prohibited at Antelope Island State Park March – November (note: The Davis County Causeway is not part of Antelope Island State Park, and not subject to the same permitting rules outlined here).

In December, January and February, recreational drone permits may be obtained for flight within select areas of the park. See map.

Click here for recreational drone permits then print and bring to the park Visitor Center for signatures and to pay fees. Permits must be signed and the fee collected prior to any drone flight.

Private/Recreational Use:
One day permit: $15
Multiple day permit: $30

For commercial drone use, see Special Events (Special Use Permits).

All drones must follow FAA registration guidelines.

Please contact for additional information.