Jordanelle State Park

Current Conditions – Updated 1/18/2022

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ICE IS NEVER 100% SAFE! Do not judge ice safety on thickness alone. Ice does not form or maintain a uniform thickness. Snow, wind, slush, temperature, and other factors can cause ice thickness and strength to vary greatly, even within inches. Recreate on the ice at your own risk and verify ice thickness as you head out.

Click here to learn more ice safety tips.

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               Marina Boat Ramp                                         Marina Parking Lot

                Hailstone Entrance                                   Personal Watercraft Ramp

Day-Use:  OPEN.  The restrooms at the main boat ramp and PWC ramp are open. All cabanas are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Please be aware the water level is extremely low for this time of year. It is about a 200+ Yard walk from the cabanas down to the water’s edge. 

Surface:  Ice has formed over the majority of the reservoir. The ice at the main boat ramp averages around 6″. The ice at Rock Cliff is between 8-10″. There is a thin layer of ice at the PWC ramp today, but has been open water the last 2 weeks. 

Launch Ramps:  The courtesy docks have been removed from both ramps. The wedge dock at the PWC remains installed, however, there is ice currently forming in the area. Once the ice is solid the wedge dock will be removed.  Please do not park in the middle of the roadway or drive off of the roadway. Vehicles are getting stuck and citations for off road use are being issued. The Ross Creek non-motorized boat ramp remains out of the water. Remember, this is for non-motorized use only!

Aquatic Invasive Species: You must self-decontaminate for Aquatic Invasive Species/mussels if you have been to contaminated water including Lake Powell.  You must be dry for 30 days in the winter for simple boats like sailboats and non-motorized vessels (ex. paddle boards) or be professionally decontaminated before you launch at another water body.  If you have a more complex boat with ballast tanks or in/outboard motors with unverified water, 30 days of dry time is required regardless of the time of year, or professional decontamination must be completed before you launch at another body of water.

Our decontamination station is CLOSED for the season. If you need decontamination, please contact the DWR Central Region at 435-503-4066 for an appointment. If you have been to Lake Powell and your boat has ballast tanks, you must be decontaminated regardless of the time the boat has been out of the water.  This is due to the major infestation at Powell.  Mussels are appearing on boats that are there for less than a week.  

Go to for more information.

Campground: All campgrounds are now CLOSED for the winter season. We DO NOT allow dry camping during the winter months. Reservations can be made by calling 1-800-322-3770 or clicking here to take you to our Reserve America page.  Reservations must be made at least two days in advance of your arrival and up to 4 months in advance. All reservable sites are on reservations from May 1 – October 31. Prices for camping are below:

CAMPING M-Thurs F-Su, Holidays
Camping RV full hookups $45 $45
Camping RV partial hookups $45 $45
Camping Tents, no hookups (McHenry) $35 $35
Camping Hike-in, no hookups (Keetley, RC, & Boat-in) $30 $30
Camping Extra Vehicle (all) $20 $20
Boat Slip (Transient) Not available 2021 $40 $40
Cabin (+$100 cleaning dep.) $100 $130
Keetley Group Campsite (+$100 cleaning dep.) 50 Ppl Max $300 $300

Water Temp: 40 degrees

Water Level: 51.56%

Fishing Conditions Jordanelle Reservoir: 01/14/2022 – Ice is forming throughout the reservoir, with thicker ice present north of Hailstone boat ramp and at the Provo river inlet in the Rock Cliff arm. Ice is between 4-6 inches thick from the Hailstone boat ramp West into/throughout Hailstone bay, and the surface is extremely slick – use extreme caution. Ice is 3-6 inches thick for the first 75 yards from shore in Rock Cliff. The water level is still low, resulting in a 0.7-mile walk before you reach the ice in Rock Cliff. The remainder of the reservoir is a mixture of open water and floating sheets of skim ice. Hand launch anglers should be able to launch from the PWC boat ramp. Check the Jordanelle State Park current conditions webpage or give the park a call for up-to-date information regarding boat ramp / launching conditions.
A pontoon boat fisherman reported catching several healthy rainbow trout will trolling kokanee gear at 20-25′ deep in the Provo arm. Shore angler success is mixed, but slow overall.

Please be safe and remember to wear a life jacket. You can use the DWR Fishing App for up-to-date forecasts and reports. 

Fishing Regulations:
  1. Limit 6 bass(any size).
  2. 50 Yellow Perch.
  3. 6 Wipers
  4. 1 Tiger Muskie (must be over 40″)
  5. 4 Trout(any kind including kokanee).
  6. CLOSED to spearfishing.

ALERT: Anglers may not possess kokanee salmon at any waterbody statewide from Sept. 10 through Nov. 30

Additional Fishing Info: The fish cleaning station at Hailstone is OPEN. Click here for more information about the new fish species being stocked at Jordanelle. For fish stocking reports Click Here.

Road Conditions:  Please obey the speed limits in the park.


Fee area. We are currently on our off-season rates. Day use is $10/vehicle, $5 for Utah Residents 65 and older. The marina store is closed for the season. Reservations for cabanas can be made 4 months in advance of your arrival date by calling 1-800-322-3770 or online. Reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Group site reservations can be made 11 months in advance.

Dogs must be leashed and feces must be cleaned up after at all times.  Remember dogs are a privilege, not a right. Dogs are NOT allowed in or around the cabins.   For more information about Service Dogs, please contact park staff.


Fee area.  $10/vehicle.  $5 for Utah residents 65 and older. The Nature Center and campground are closed. You can still access the Boardwalks, the Three Rocks Trail, and the trailhead/boat ramp.

Dogs must be leashed and feces must be cleaned up after at all times. Remember dogs are a privilege, not a right. For more information about Service Dogs, please contact park staff.


Fee area. $10/vehicle.  $5 for Utah residents 65 and older.  There is a NEW self-pay Credit Card machine in the upper parking lot for card payments.  There is also a self-pay envelope station for cash payments located at the trailhead and the non-motorized boat ramp parking lot. The Ross Creek non-motorized boat ramp is out of the water. Remember, this is for non-motorized use only!

Dogs must be leashed and feces must be cleaned up after at all times. Remember dogs are a privilege, not a right. For more information about Service Dogs, please contact park staff.

Check out the “Park Events” section of this website for a list of current events and activities including info on boat slips and dry storage.