Antelope Island State Park

Fielding Garr

Fielding Garr Chronology
1794: Born August 19th in Culpepper Virginia.

1812: Fought in the war of 1812.

1819: Married Paulina Turner on November 18th in Wayne County Indiana.

1840: Paulina joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS).

1842: Fielding Joined the LDS church.
Moved to Hancock County Illinois.

1844: Paulina died on November 4th at 39 years old and is believed to be buried in the Nauvoo cemetery.

1845: Richard Rue, Fielding’s oldest son dies on September 29th.

1846: Left Nauvoo in April.
Joined Brigham Young’s company in July.

1846-47: Moved to Winter Quarters 3rd home in 4 years.

1847: Entered Salt Lake Valley on October 6th.

1848: Explored Antelope Island and settled here in the fall.

1849: Moved family to the island in the fall.

1855: Took sick in June and died on June 15th leaving 9 children. Oldest Daughter Eliza Jane never joined LDS church. She stayed in Indiana.