Antelope Island State Park


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Bald Eagle CW
Golden Eagle CP
American Kestrel CP
Peregrine Falcon UP
Northern Harrier CP
Red Tailed Hawk CP
Rough Legged Hawk CW
Barn Owl UP
Burrowing Owl CS/UW
Great Horned Owl CP
Turkey Vulture CS

Perching Birds
Brewer’s Blackbird CS/T
Red-winged Blackbird CP
Yellow-headed Blackbird CS/T
Lazuli Bunting CT
Brown-headed Cowbird CS
Mourning Dove CP
House Finch CP
Northern Flicker CP
American Goldfinch CT/W

Water Birds

Ground Birds

Key Indicators
C: Common in appropriate season(s)
U: Uncommon in appropriate season(s)
P: Permanent resident
S: Summer/Nesting
S(T): Summer with increased numbers during migration
W: Winter resident
T: Transient/Migrant
T(W): Transient with some throughout winter