Territorial Statehouse State Park Museum

Park Fees

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Click here to pay your day-use fee online

Day-use fee: $2.00

Utah seniors 62 and older: $1.00

Rental Information:

Deposits for ALL rentals:

1 to 50 people            $100
50 to 100+ people     $200

Building rental fees:

Museum Legislative Hall     $30 per hr
POD building                   $30 per hr
(Overnight)                     $150
Skating 1st hr                   $40
Rock Schoolhouse           $30

Wedding/Reception         $150
(Flat rate covers use of the Museum Legislative Hall for 3 hrs)

11 – Five foot diameter tables (museum)
4 – Six foot long tables
3 – Eight foot long tables

250 chairs
Staging – two selections    

1st    Three roller sections 4’x8′
2nd   Eleven ridged section 4’x8′