Territorial Statehouse State Park Museum


Payment Policy

Cost is $40 per youth, leaders are free and is due upon arrival to camp. Payments cannot be refunded after 14 days. We accept cash, check, or credit card for all payments and can provide receipts and invoices as necessary.

Park Rules and Regulations

The Territorial Statehouse is listed on the Utah and National Register of Historic Places. Please treat it with respect. Defacing any part of the building is illegal.

The Territorial Statehouse is a museum; please do not touch any of the artifacts, lean on cases, run, carry food or uncovered drinks, or use flash photography. We meet on the top level of the statehouse each day and for the dance.

Our elevator is reserved for visitors and campers who cannot use stairs. There is only one and it is slow, so please do not play in it and prevent someone who needs it from having access.

The museum is open to the public from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. and visitors not affiliated with a youth group pay for entrance. Please respect other visitors when you are in the building by not congregating.

The cabins and schoolhouse are also historic buildings, but we do hands on activities in them, please participate, but respect the buildings and activity stations.

Use provided safety equipment & caution when using wood working and stone working tools.

Adult supervision of youth is required at all times for the duration of the camp.

Leashed pets and responsible owners are welcome throughout the park, but only service dogs may enter the museum. Please make arrangements for non-service animals to be properly cared for.

Smoking, chewing tobacco, vaping, alcohol, and non-prescription drugs are not permitted inside any building on our grounds or under the pavilion. Smoking is also not allowed within 25 feet of entrances.

Firearms may not be discharged near campsites, picnic areas, or within 600′ of any building in our park. Fillmore City ordinance prohibits discharging firearms within city limits. Dangerous use of any weapon or other object that could cause injury that puts campers, visitors, or our cultural resources at risk is prohibited.

Territorial Statehouse State Park staff/volunteers are not permitted to exchange personal contact information with campers or share the information of other campers or staff/volunteers, including last names, addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles, or e-mail addresses. Please respect everyone’s right to privacy.

Territorial Statehouse State Park is located within Fillmore City and the grounds are open to the public at all times, day and night. We have never had an incident during our camps and do not anticipate any problems; however, please report suspicious people, activities, or unattended packages to park staff or, after hours, call the Millard County Sheriff’s Office. In an emergency, call 911 and alert park staff as soon as possible.