Territorial Statehouse State Park Museum


Territorial Statehouse State Park staff provides lots of fun, hands-on activities during Building Zion Youth Camp. We also provide ample unscheduled time for leaders to plan meals, hold their own meetings, or just relax in the park.

The following activities are provided (see schedule for times):

Rounders— This precursor to baseball uses handmade bats and balls and rules that are just enough different from baseball that skilled and unskilled youth and leaders alike have a blast playing.

Pioneer Games—Youth create their own fun with stilts, jump ropes, hoops, graces, croquet, stick pulling, checkers and more pioneer games.

Museum Tour & History Discussions–Learn why Brigham Young chose Fillmore as the Capitol and then moved it to Salt Lake City.  Learn about the political battles Utah fought as a Territory and why they weren’t readily granted statehood.

Building Zion Challenge–Each youth is given freedom to explore pioneer tasks and trades, with a scavenger hunt style list of activities including: candle making, wood work, stonework, rope making, quilting, spinning, weaving, bread making, laundry and school work in an old time school.  They are paid top wages in “tithing script” redeemable in the gift shop.

Cabin Building Challenge—Youth & leaders are called as “families” to carry logs, use a 2 man saw to cut logs and race to build a cabin, reminiscent of the settlers arriving late in the year racing to build shelters before winter.

Water Challenge—In this desert state, water is always a challenge.  The lack of water in southern Utah and Nevada was a major factor in abandoning Fillmore as the Capitol.  We will carry and build “ditches” to channel water which may end up in a “friendly” water fight.

Old Time Dance—This pioneer style dance will be a highlight of the camp.  Dance cards, games and mixers, reduce the pressure of “asking,” allowing the youth to just have fun.  They’ll learn reels, marches, schottisches, polkas and even waltzes-although Brigham Young thought waltzing was risqué.  Pioneers danced for entertainment and exercise, so wear sturdy shoes.  We’ll provide lots of water and refreshments.