Territorial Statehouse State Park Museum


Park Grounds:

Old rock schoolhouse, historic cabins.


Military weapons, pioneer-era tools, Native American artifacts, portraits, jail cell, wood and stone working tools, printing press.

Main floor:

Governor Brigham Young’s office, Presbyterian school teacher’s quarters, Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. room, musical instruments and books, pioneer-era china and pottery, textiles display.

Legislative Hall:

Digital tours of the attic and builders of the Statehouse, historic dance hall.

Special Exhibitions

The Way We Worked
July 11-September 9, 2017

Work and the workplace have gone through enormous changes between the mid-19th century, when 60 percent of Americans made their living as farmers, and the late 20th century. A traveling exhibition, The Way We Worked, will feature 86 photographs from the National Archives focusing on the history of work in America and documenting work clothing, locales, conditions and conflicts. The exhibition will open at President Millard Fillmore Library in Fillmore, Utah, July 2017. On August 8, it will open in the Legislative Hall at Territorial Statehouse State Park Museum, running until September 9.

The Way We Worked was created by the National Archives with the support of the Foundation for the National Archives, and is organized for travel by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES). The exhibition was previously on view from December 2005 through May at the National Archives Building in Washington, D.C.

A companion exhibition, focused on labor in the Fillmore area, will open simultaneously at Territorial Statehouse State Park and run through December 2018.