Territorial Statehouse State Park Museum

Building Zion Youth Camp

This fun filled camp is designed for youth groups and their leaders.  Youth groups spend three days and two nights gaining insight into the challenges early settlers faced as they accepted the call, not just to come to Zion, but to build it.  Through Brigham Young’s own words they learn about his vision of coming West, settling Utah and building Zion.  They learn about the efforts and sacrifices he and the early saints made to build it.  This camp makes an excellent LDS Youth Conference for wards and small stakes.

Youth and leaders together race to saw logs and build log cabins, reminiscent of settlers racing to build shelters before winter.   Learn about the importance of water in Utah with water activities that may end up in a water fight.   Tour the museum and learn of early settlers.  Make bread and cook in a wood burning stove. Learn the thrift of pioneers through a quilt service project.  Earn “tithing script” redeemable in the museum gift shop, by completing pioneer trades and tasks.  Play Rounders and other pioneer games.  Learn reels, marches, polkas, schottisches and even the risqué waltz, at the highlight of the camp, an Old Time Dance complete with dance cards.

Youth gain insight into pioneer life while enjoying many comforts of today, including a swim in the pool every afternoon and their own cool, comfortable clothes.  The park provides plenty of lawn for tents, picnic tables, water and clean restrooms.  Youth groups are responsible for tents and all meals.
The $40/youth fee includes a drawstring backpack, water bottle and all activities.  Leaders are free and have the option to purchase the backpack and water bottle in the gift shop if they desire.

This camp helps youth envision Brigham Young’s view of the saint’s potential in their new home in the west.   It is an excellent next year compliment to a “Handcart Trek” or as a stand-alone youth conference to learn about early Utah life.


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$40 per youth, adult leaders free. $400 deposit required to secure your spot.

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