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Welcome to Jordanelle State Park. Located above the beautiful Heber Valley in Wasatch County and along the shores of the Jordanelle Reservoir are three distinct recreation areas, Hailstone, Rock Cliff, and Ross Creek, which offer a variety of recreational opportunities. Whether you plan on spending a day, weekend, or more, Jordanelle offers some of the best picnicking, camping, boating, fishing, or hiking that you will find in the great state of Utah. For more information on the three areas of Jordanelle please check out our Facilities page.

Jordanelle Reservoir is filled by the Provo River and along with Deer Creek Reservoir helps provide culinary water to users in Wasatch, Utah, and Salt Lake Counties. Jordanelle State Park is just minutes away from some of the best attractions and sites that Utah has to offer. Whether you want to ski, shop, take in a movie during the world-famous Sundance Film Festival, or visit some of the historic venues of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics this is the place for you! We are located only a few miles from Park City. Looking to take a scenic drive or maybe some snowmobiling? The Mirror Lake Highway is also just a short drive away.

So come to take a break with us and enjoy some time in the great outdoors which is the beautiful natural resource known as Jordanelle State Park.

Starting in 2024, all boaters, motorized and non motorized, are required to take the Mussel Aware Boater Course prior to boating at any water in the State of Utah. “If if floats, it’s a boat.” If your vessel is motorized, then you are required to register your vessel with the AIS Vessel Enrollment Program. The annual fee is $20 per vessel for residents and $25 per vessel for non-residents. This is not a new fee. In years past, this fee was collected by the DMV when you registered your vessel. It is now being collected through this enrollment program. You will receive a sticker that must be displayed on your motorized vessel prior to launching at any body of water. If you have been to contaminated water, including Lake Powell, you must Clean, Drain, and Dry your vessel or be professionally decontaminated prior to launching at another water body.  The dry time during the summer for a simple vessel is 7 days.  If you have a more complex boat that has ballast tanks, live wells, or in/outboard motors that contain unverifiable water, then you must wait 30 days to dry or get professionally decontaminated regardless of the time of year.  Mussels are getting into ballast tanks and sea strainers after being in Lake Powell for a short amount of time. Professional decontamination can take up to an hour or more depending on the complexity or your vessel. For a quicker professional decontamination, visit one of our Dip Tanks located at Utah Lake State Park, Willard Bay State Park, Sand Hollow State Park, Wahweap Marina and Bullfrog(coming soon). Dip tanks require at least 2 people, (one in the vessel, one backing the truck), and take around 10 minutes to compete. For more information Click Here.

Our decontamination unit is OPEN for the season. If you need a decontamination, please call our office at 435-649-9540 and verify a technician is on duty before you arrive.

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