East Canyon State Park


Experience the perfect fusion of comfort and nature in our yurts, promising a serene escape amidst breathtaking landscapes.

Your Oasis Awaits:

  • Flexible Rates: Starting at $100 on weekdays and $130 during weekends and holidays, our yurts offer an affordable sanctuary.
  • Varied Sleeping Capacities: Our yurts are available in with diverse bedding options to accommodate varying group sizes, ensuring comfort for all.
  • Inviting Amenities: Inside, discover bunk beds, tables with chairs, lights, and reliable power supply for your convenience.
  • Winter Warmth: Embrace cozy warmth with heating available during the winter months, ensuring a snug stay.
  • Convenient Facilities: Enjoy dedicated restrooms year-round and dedicated showers in the balmy summer months, catering to your comfort.
  • Pet-Friendly Retreat: Your furry companions are welcome to join the adventure, ensuring a complete family experience.
  • Seasonal Consideration: Note that heating may be unavailable from May 15 to October 15 to embrace the natural summer ambiance.

East Canyon State Park invites you to unwind in our yurts, where nature meets indulgence. Book your yurt and immerse yourself in a harmonious blend of tranquility and comfort.