East Canyon State Park

Special Use Permits


  • Event Hosting: Organizing events, gatherings, weddings, or commercial filming within the park.
  • Commercial Activities: Conducting commercial operations, guided tours, or offering services within the park.
  • Unique Activities: Any activity outside standard park usage that requires permission.

Permit Application Process:

  • Application Form: Complete the designated special use permit application form provided below, from the Utah State Parks.
  • Application Fee: Some permits might have associated fees for processing or usage.
  • Documentation: Provide detailed information about the proposed activity, including dates, location within the park, number of participants, and any equipment or structures involved.
  • Insurance: Depending on the activity, liability insurance might be required, naming the park and state as additional insured parties.

Review and Approval:

  • Review Process: Park authorities review the application to assess its compatibility with park regulations, environmental impact, and potential disruption to regular park activities.
    • Submitting special use permit applications well in advance is crucial. The review process for such permits typically involves several steps, including assessment, coordination, and sometimes environmental evaluations. By submitting the application early:
      • Facilitates Adequate Review: Allows park authorities sufficient time to thoroughly review the proposal, ensuring all aspects align with park regulations and policies.
      • Addresses Any Modifications: If there are any modifications or additional information needed for the application, submitting early provides the opportunity to make adjustments before the intended event date.
      • Avoids Last-Minute Hurdles: Early submission helps prevent delays or issues that might arise if there are unforeseen complications during the review process.
      • Secures Planning and Logistics: Early approval allows for adequate planning and logistics, giving the event organizers or permit holders sufficient time to prepare for the permitted activity.
      • Increases Chances of Approval: Submitting in advance improves the likelihood of obtaining the permit in time for the planned event or activity.
  • Environmental Impact: Some activities might require an environmental assessment to ensure minimal impact on the park’s natural resources.

Compliance and Regulations:

  • Compliance Requirements: Adherence to park rules and regulations during the permitted activity.
  • Restrictions: Certain areas might be off-limits, and specific rules regarding noise, waste disposal, and site restoration may apply.
  • Duration: Permits are usually granted for specified periods and activities.

Additional Considerations:

  • Seasonal Availability: Some activities may have seasonal restrictions or limitations.
  • Advance Notice: Submitting applications well in advance of the planned activity date is advisable.
  • Coordination: Coordination with park staff or authorities for guidance throughout the process.