East Canyon State Park

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a reservation to camp at the park?Yes, we recommend reservations for all overnight guests at East Canyon State Park. The reservation website (East Canyon State Park, Utah – Camping Reservations & Campgrounds | ReserveAmerica) will display current availability, pricing and campsite information.
Is the park friendly to off-highway vehicles?Snowmobiles & street legal OHVs are permitted to launch at the boat ramp (ice) during winter only.
What equipment does the General Store rent?Kayaks, Paddleboards, Canoes, Jet Skis, Open-bow boat& Pontoon boat
Where is a good spot to fish & What bait?Near the Dam, the south end, the skinny place near Taylor Hallow. Chartreuse power bait usually does well as well as Rainbow power bait and any brightly colored power bait. Worms are always a good way to go.
Can I purchase a fishing license at the park?No, but you can acquire your license online, please visit wildlife.utah.gov
What is the bag limit for fish?4 trout, 8 bass, 8 wipers, 50 crappie
What time does the park open and close?We open at 6:00 a.m. and close for day use at 10:00 p.m. If you are in the park past 10 PM camping fees apply.
When does Hwy 65 over Big Mountain open? Close? It is weather dependent but typically, opens around Mother’s Day and closes around Thanksgiving.
Are Dogs Allowed in the Park? Dogs are welcome at East Canyon on a 6-foot hand-held leash.
Keeping your pet leashed protects them and other animals. Do not let your pet approach, play, attack or chase wild animals. Pets may be seen as a threat to other animals regardless of temperament.
If you encounter a wild animal it is important to stay calm, do not let your pet approach, leave space for escape for both parties and calmly guide your pet away.
Where can we go hiking?Morgan County is almost entirely private property. The only place you can hike is the Mormon Flat trail which connects the Mormon Flat campground to Big Mountain.
What’s the elevation? 5,855 Feet
Where is the nearest Grocery/Gas Store?Morgan. Travel North on Hwy 66. It’s about 20-25 minutes. I’m
camping on the South end (Big Rock, River’s Edge, Mormon Flat, and Large Spring)
Do I have to pay to launch a boat?No, it’s included with your day fee.
How do I get to Salt Lake City from here?Travel Hwy 65 southbound until it connects with I-80. Take I80 west into SLC. I-15 and/or Ogden? Take Hwy 66 northbound to Morgan (20-25 mins). Get onto I-84 westbound. I-84 will connect with Hwy 89 and I-15 Take I-80 eastbound into Parley’s canyon. Get off at the East Canyon or Hwy 65 exit. Travel on that road over Big Mtn. You will travel alongside the reservoir, to access the State Park you need to turn onto Hwy 66 when the road splits on the north end of the reservoir.
How Do I get to East Canyon from SLC?Travel 66 for half a mile and you will see the turn-in. I-15/Ogden? Turn off I-15 onto I-84 eastbound (25-30 mins). Take the Morgan/Hwy66 exit (20-25 mins). The State park is located about half a mile after you see the dam.
Can I camp on my boat overnight?Yes, you must pay an overnight camping fee. Boats are required to stay a minimum of 50 feet offshore, be self contained and display 360 anchor lights on. Fires are not permitted.