Fred Hayes State Park at Starvation

Current Conditions

Last Updated: September 29th, 2023


Day-Use: Open

Surface / Ice Conditions: Ice Free, Open Water

Launch Ramp: Open, all docks are available

Archery Range: Open

Disc Golf Course: Open

Campground: Open, See “other information” below for details on specific campgrounds. 

Water Level:   88% dropping

Fishing Conditions: Rainbow trout is (moderate). Smallmouth Bass (Good), Walleye (Good), all other species (slow)

Additional Fishing Info:

Reservations:  Reservations can be made 120 days in advance for regular campgrounds, cabins, cabanas, and boat slips and 1 year in advance for the group areas.  You can’t make reservations for the off-season dates (Oct 2 to May 14th) except for the cabins that can be reserved all year.  You can’t make reservations in  Juniper Point, part of Rabbit Gulch and Knight Hollow Campgrounds.

Other Information: 

Boat Slips are open

Fishing Pier: open

  • Mountain View Campground is opened, camp fee is 35$ partial hook-ups, 35$ full hook-ups 
  • Beach Campground is opened, camp fee is $35 for all sites
  • The cabins are open year round and can be reserved year round. ($85)
  • The fish cleaning station is open and the dump station is open
  • All primitive campgrounds are open year round.  Indian Bay and Rabbit Gulch West Loop are $25 per and  Juniper and Knight Hollow are $15 per night.
  • All extra Vehicles (camping) is $15 per vehicle per night
  • The Group Area is opened.  It is $200 per night for 50 people.  Additional people are charged $3 per person at the gate. Reservation can be made up to 1 year in advance.
  • The group areas at Indian Bay and Rabbit Gulch are open.  The cost is $120 per night which pays for the first 25 people.  If you have over 25 people you will pay $2 for each additional person per night. Reservation can be made 1 year in advance.
  • 3D-Archery Course is open
  • Showers are on

Dogs in Lodging Info Sheet

General Practices
*$20 per dog per stay nonrefundable fee.
*Max 2 pets per lodging unit.
*Majority of lodging units need to be pet friendly.
*No pets in tents or teepees.
*$150 per night violation fee for the following:
-Not declaring the pet on arrival.
-Pet waste not cleaned up around the site.
-Unattended pet not crated.
-More than two pets.
-Damage to site including pet waste inside lodging sites (cost of repair all damages).
Violation Fee Instructions
The credit card used to make the reservation will remain on file for hours after
checkout. The violation fee is $150. When the visitor leaves, notes will be made of any
violations by staff. If no violations are observed, then nothing needs to be done. If there are
violations, then ________

Violations include:

  • Not declaring the pet on arrival.
  • Pet waste not cleaned up around the site.
  • Unattended pet not crated.
  • More than two pets.
  • Damage to site including pet waste inside lodging sites (cost to repair all

The Central Utah Water Conservancy District maintains a website with up-to-date reservoir status information.  Click on the tab below if this interests you