Fred Hayes State Park at Starvation


Frequently Asked Questions

Can we run a Generator?


How do I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made by calling 800-322-3770 or by going online to Reserve America.

Can I call the park to make a reservation?

No, you must call the above phone number or go to the website as we cannot make a reservation for you at the park.

When can I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made from May 15th to October 1st and up to 1 year in advance for the Group Area and 120 days in advance for Mountain View, Beach and Indian Bay Campgrounds.  The cabins, boat slips and day-use cabanas can also be reserved 120 days in advance.  The cabins can be reserved year-round.

We recommend making a reservation, and not counting on a walk-in site, all through the summer, weekdays and weekends! Except for the cabins, all sites are walk-in only from October 1st through May 15th

How can I find out more about reservations and reservations policies?

Click on this link!

If I don’t show up by 10 o’clock pm on the day of my reservation, will my spot be sold to someone else?

Reservations policy does allow for this to be done, depending on camper needs at the park.

Is there water at the park for drinking and culinary needs?

Yes, water faucets are found throughout the main park area and it is safe to drink and use for your culinary needs.  If you have a camp pass from anywhere in the park you can fill your tanks at the main area for no extra cost.  If you have an annual pass or day-use pass then that pass does not allow you to get a lot of water as a camper would.  We do not offer water for residential use outside of the park no matter what the size of your container is.  If you need water for residential purposes you can go to the Duchesne City Offices and set up an account with them.

If my party brings more than one vehicle to the park, where can we park those vehicles?

All vehicles that enter the park must pay a fee.  We allow no more than two vehicles per campsite if there is room and you don’t exceed the 8 person limit on each site.  If there is no room on the site you can park your extra vehicle/boats/etc., in our upper parking lots.  These parking areas are located above the boat ramp near the park’s headquarters and Mountain View Campground.

If you are parked in the road as to create a hazard, on the grass, or another area not designated for vehicles, then you need to move your vehicle to one of the large parking lots.

The cabins have room for two vehicles and you actually pay for both when you make a reservation.

How warm does the water get in the summer?

In a typical year, the water reaches temperatures of 72-74 degrees from around the first part of July through the end of August.

Does the reservoir freeze over every winter?

No, it does not freeze over every year.  But, it freezes over more than not.  Most years the ice reaches a thickness of 15-18 inches.  It seems that there are always holes of open water and dangerous thin spots, especially by Freedom Bridge and near the inlet at Knight Hollow Campground.  All areas of the reservoir don’t freeze over at the same time so you can’t count on the ice being the same everywhere.

Is there somewhere in Duchesne City where we can buy groceries, supplies and fuel?

Yes, Duchesne City has a grocery store, a hardware store, an auto parts store, several restaurants and hotels, and several convenience stores.  It is rural Utah though, so don’t expect to find everything you find in a big city and most places close earlier than what you may be used to.

I was on quagga-infested water and need my boat inspected and washed.  Where can I get that done so I can get on Starvation Reservoir?

From May 1st to October 1st the main entrance booth at Starvation is manned so you can talk with a worker there to get your boat inspected and washed if needed.  In the off-season, our suggestion is that you call several days or more in advance and make an appointment.  If you don’t call ahead, there is no guarantee that anyone will be working at the park on the day of your arrival.  Please call us at 435-738-2326 Monday through Friday to make an appointment.  In the off-season, we are in the office from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. or you can leave a message and we will call you back.  You can e-mail us at  You can also call the DWR Northeast Region Office at 435-781-9453 and set up an appointment.

Do you have discounts for group camping?

We do not have any discounts for camping as a group.

Can I fly my drone at Fred Hayes State Park at Starvation?

Drones are allowed at the park but you must have a permit to fly them and you must have a remote pilot certificate with a small UAS rating from the FAA.  Commercial permits (SUP) are $60 and private permits are free with payment of a day use or camping fee.  To obtain a permit, contact park management at least 2 weeks ahead of time at e-mail address, or call 435-738-2326.