Fred Hayes State Park at Starvation


OHVs are only allowed at Knight Hollow Campground.  County-owned dirt roads are open (including the road from Knight Hollow to the town of Duchesne) in the nearby area.

Please take some time and read the “Utah OHV laws” that can be found online here or in a pamphlet available at the park. These laws are enforced and include having your machines currently registered, any person under 18 years of age wearing an approved helmet, and having a safety certificate if you are under 16 years of age (must be at least 8 to operate on public lands).

Street legal ATVs are allowed anywhere a normal car, truck or RV can go.  They are not allowed to travel off-road in areas where normal vehicles are not allowed to travel off-road.

Please contact the park at 435-738-2326 before your arrival or contact our gate staff at the park if you have questions about OHV use in the park.

Here is a short list of nearby OHV riding opportunities with #1 being closest (25 miles).  You must trailer your ATVs to get to these locations.  Please contact the land management agency for more information on riding in these areas. Also, be aware that there are numerous Ute Indian Tribal Lands that surround the park and local area.  The Tribe does not allow trespassing on their lands, including ATV use. Remember that if an area is not designated as open by the land managing agency, then it is closed to ATV use.

  1. Yellowstone ATV trail/Dry Gulch trail (managed by USDA Forest Service, Ashley NF)
  2. Phelps Brook/Wolf Creek trail system map (managed by USDA Forest Service, Uinta NF)
  3. Ashley National Forest OHV Riding Opportunities
  4. Vernal BLM riding opportunities