Fred Hayes State Park at Starvation


What is geocaching?  Geocaching is a fun sport where you search for hidden caches (boxes with items inside) by using a handheld GPS (global positioning system), an iPhone with the proper app downloaded, or a similar device.  The owner of the cache gives the GPS coordinates to where the box is located, you enter those coordinates into your device and it takes you to the box.  When you find the box you traditionally take an item from it and leave an item behind.  Some have log books where you can log who you are and some thoughts about the experience.

There are numerous geo-cache locations around Fred Hayes State Park at Starvation with one of them being sponsored by the park and the others being sponsored by private individuals.  Here is a list of some of the caches and their corresponding coordinates.  All of these locations and more can be found at

  1. Starvation State Park-Beach Overlook (N 40° 11.380 W 110° 27.567  or UTM: 12T E 546013 N 4448948)
  2. 3,2,1 Jump (N 40° 11.041 W 110° 27.719 or UTM: 12T E 545801 N 4448320)
  3. Nebeker Cliffs (N 40° 11.292 W 110° 28.285 or UTM: 12T E 544995 N 4448779)
  4. Indian Bay Arch (N 40° 10.633 W 110° 27.689 or UTM: 12T E 545848 N 4447565)
  5. Freedom Bridge (N 40° 10.411 W 110° 29.565 or UTM: 12T E 543189 N 4447139)
  6. Real Women Have Curves (N 40° 10.891 W 110° 30.720 or UTM: 12T E 541545 N 4448018)
  7. Yellow Ribbon #27 (N 40° 09.286 W 110° 33.163 or UTM: 12T E 538093 N 4445030)
  8. I’m Starving (N 40° 10.468 W 110° 26.653 or UTM: 12T E 547320 N 4447269)
  9. Troubled Waters #3 (N 40° 10.428 W 110° 25.756 or UTM: 12T E 548593 N 4447203)
  10. The Edge of Starvation (N 40° 13.307 W 110° 26.550 or UTM: 12T E 547433 N 4452522)

If you have never taken part in the geocaching experience then we can help you get started.  At the park headquarters you can check out a GPS unit and we can even give you a short tutorial about how to use it.  It’s a fun way to get outdoors and get some exercise.