Snow Canyon State Park

Know Before You Go

With so much natural beauty found at Snow Canyon State Park, it’s important that we all continue working hard to protect the land and wildlife for current and future generations.

Check out the information below on how you can help!

Cycling Etiquette & Safety

Cycling is one of the best ways to experience Snow Canyon State Park. However, before hopping on your bike and hitting the trail, be sure. to watch this video first. These tips will help ensure your ride goes as smoothly as possible – and that you, other visitors, wildlife, and the land can all continue to thrive.

Recreating with Dogs

BARK Rangers Kodiak and Franky want to let you know all the trails in the park are now dog friendly! Snow Canyon is a special place to so many of us, and we want you to share it with your furry friends. To keep your pets safe, the park clean, and respect this shared space, we ask all visitors and their pups to follow the B.A.R.K. Ranger code. 

B. Bag (and dispose of) your pets waste. 

 Dog feces can carry diseases that wild animals are more sensitive to than domestic animals. Not to mention, no one wants to hike around while avoiding stepping in 💩

A. Always wear a leash. 

Snow Canyon is full of beauty, but also cliffs and wild animals that deserve their space. Even the best behaved of dogs can cause harmful amounts of stress to wildlife, such as the desert tortoise. In addition, Snow Canyon is a shared space, and you never know when another person or dog may be fearful of yours. For these reasons dogs are required to be on a leash at all times, and under the owners control. Leashes must be under 6ft.

R. Respect wildlife.

Rattlesnakes, gila monsters, and coyotes, oh my! The presence of a dog may cause an animal to feel more threatened than a human alone.

Maintaining your distance from wildlife will help keep your pup safe, and wildlife unharmed. Even if they just approach the animal, it can do more harm than you realize. 

For example, tortoises may release their water reserve from their bladder as a self-defense mechanism when approached by a dog. This can leave the animal dangerously dehydrated.

K. Know where you can go.

Snow Canyon is a designated trail park. This means that off-trail hiking is not allowed. Always refer to your map to make sure that you are on a legal trail. Off trail travel can collapse burrows, trapping animals underground. 

So bring all your paws and boots to the trail!

Climber Code of Ethics

As climbers, we have a unique opportunity to be stewards of the environment we spend so much time in,
and leaders in guaranteeing the preservation of it, and our ability to access our treasured outdoor

Help keep access to climbing sites and public lands open by checking out the graphics below that highlight:

  • Access
  • Impact
  • Waste
  • Fire
  • Traditions
  • Safety
  • Commercial Use