Snow Canyon State Park


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A park interpreter is available year-round to assist in planning a field trip to Snow Canyon.  Teachers may choose to develop and present their own lessons or request the services of the Naturalist(s) for programs and activities.  Ranger-guided programs are available most Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Programs can be tailored to enhance core curriculum studies.

The visitation policy applies to all teachers interested in scheduling a field trip to Snow Canyon:

1)  Both educational and recreational visits must be scheduled a minimum of two weeks in advance.  Visits occurring from April through the end of May should be scheduled at least one month in advance. Fees are as follows.

  • Educational visits with Naturalist program: Free, group size limit 70.
  • Recreational visits: $2 per person; must be pre-scheduled; group size limit 100. Unscheduled groups may be turned away or charged the $3 per person commercial rate.
  • Educational visits without Naturalist program: Free with submission of the “Fee Waiver for Resource Education Visits” form and lesson plan copy. Limited to group sizes of 50 or fewer per day.

2)  All school groups are required to schedule their visit, regardless of the nature of the visit and whether or not the services of the Naturalist(s) will be utilized.  Please email to inquire about booking.

3)  Preferred visitation dates may not be available.  When making a reservation, teachers should have three visitation dates prepared.

4)  Teachers will receive a visitation reminder approximately two weeks prior to their scheduled visit.  Unscheduled groups arriving at the park are not guaranteed use of park facilities.

Rocky Rendezvous – 2nd Grade Program

Rocky Rendezvous – Snow Canyon State Park 2nd Grade Program

Tag along with one of our Park Naturalists to learn more about Snow Canyon State Park.

Our backyard in Southern Utah is considered one of the most unique landscapes in the world – the desert. Sandstone is the foundation of many types of desert landforms, such as arches, plateaus, and sand dunes. Once you can learn to interpret the natural forces that shape these landforms, you will be able to better appreciate this dry landscape, even down to the rocks.

Download the Rocky Rondezvous 2nd Grade Program Worksheet