Snow Canyon State Park

Friends of Snow Canyon

In 2011, Snow Canyon State Park Manager Kristen Comella hosted a group of interested local residents to discuss forming a friends organization for Snow Canyon. From this initial meeting, Friends of Snow Canyon was born. The motivation was straightforward: to help raise money and provide a support system for Snow Canyon State Park.

A board of directors was created, by-laws and articles of incorporation were executed and in Feb. 2012 Friends received their 501(c)3 non-profit, charitable designation.

Their Mission Statement

The mission of Friends of Snow Canyon State Park is to support the mission of the park; to preserve and protect the ecological, historical and recreational integrity of Snow Canyon State Park through public awareness and education; and to promote the development of facilities and responsible recreation for present and future generations.

They commit time and energy to park work projects. Volunteers have pulled weeds, gathered litter, painted fences, and sanded graffiti off of sandstone cliffs. Friends of Snow Canyon may also serve as trail stewards or assist in other park programs and events. Whether at church, club, social, business, or athletic events—whenever possible—Friends of Snow Canyon advocate for the responsible use and preservation of the park.

They also support educational programs about the ecological, historical, cultural, and recreational features of Snow Canyon State Park. The group enlists public support for Snow Canyon and the public endorsement from individuals, community organizations, businesses, and political leaders.

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