Steinaker State Park

Current Conditions

Updated: 01-21-2019
Day-Use: Open.
Surface:  Frozen

Launch Ramp: Closed, due to extremely low water level. ATV’s and snowmobiles are not allowed on the ice this year. This is due to not being able to access the ice from the concrete boat ramp.

Campground: Open, but with a lot of snow. The drinking water is turned off for the season, winter camping rates apply.  
Ice Thickness: 8″-10″ use caution any time you venture out on the ice. 
Water Level: 0%
Water Temp: 30
Fishing Conditions: Fishing reports show very good for Bluegill and moderate for trout species. The deepest channel is around 15′ deep. Fish are hanging out in the 5′-10′ area of the water column. On January 1, 2019, normal fishing regulations went back into effect. We anticipate fish will survive the low water through the summer.

*As of September 10, 2018, the water level dropped below the boat launch ramp for dam repairs. Due to this, access to the ice is limited to foot traffic only. Construction is scheduled to allow for the water level to begin filling Fall 2019. 

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