Steinaker State Park

Current Conditions

Updated: 6/14/2019
Day-Use: Open.
Surface:  Open

Launch Ramp: Closed, due to low water level and construction.

Campground: Open.  
Ice Thickness: N/A 
Water Level: 0%, (Conservation Pool level)
Water Temp: 69
Fishing Conditions: Most fish winter killed during the 2018-2019 winter. DWR planted some catch-able sized rainbow trout in April 2019. Plans are to start planting more fish during the fall of 2019 on January 1, 2019, normal fishing regulations went back into effect for Steinaker Reservoir.

*On September 10, 2018, the water level dropped below the boat launch ramp for dam repairs. As of June 1, 2019, water has begun to flow back into Steinaker. Water levels will remain low until construction is completed. Boating access may not be available until fall 2019 when construction is scheduled to be complete. 

                     Boat Smart Wear Your Life Jacket!!
Ice is Never 100% Safe! — Do not judge ice safety on thickness alone. Ice does not form or maintain a uniform thickness. Snow, wind, slush, temperature, and other factors can cause ice thickness and strength to vary greatly, even within inches. Recreate on ice at your own risk and verify ice thickness as you head out. Click here to learn more ice safety tips.