Steinaker State Park

Current Conditions

Last Updated:  April 11th, 2024

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Water is off in the campground and day-use areas (10/23/23)

Day-Use: Open; Archery range is Closed
Launch Ramp: Open – Wedge dock is in the water
Campground: Open  – Water has been shut off
Ice Thickness: N/A
Water Level: 90%
Water Temp: 32
Algae Conditions: N/A
Fishing Conditions: DWR has stocked Trout. Shore and boat fishing are good from angler reports. 
* Boaters be aware of water hazards. 
*Our archery range is Closed.  The standard entrance fee for the park applies when using the archery range.
 Boat Smart Wear Your Life Jacket!!
  • The boat ramp is for active loading and unloading only- Please limit time on the boat ramp to 10 minutes. 
  • Boat at your own risk.