Sand Hollow State Park

Current Conditions

Last Updated: 4/18/2024


Entrance Gate                                              Lake View


Learn more about other Utah State Parks boat ramp conditions HERE.

Campgrounds: Open. Reservations are recommended. 

Make reservations through Reserve America:

We do not offer after-hour accommodations for park reentry. You will not be able to come back in after hours. Please be sure to be inside the park once the front gate closes.

Water Temperature:

Water Level: The water level is at 98%.  The main boat ramp is open and launching conditions are good. 

Fishing Conditions:  The DWR website is current at

No spearfishing is allowed.

Fire Conditions: Sand Hollow State Park is currently under Stage 1 Fire Restrictions. No open fires are allowed except within established campfire facilities in our improved campgrounds and picnic areas. Visit for more information on these restrictions. #FireSense makes sense No pallets!

Rules and Other Information:

The following acts are prohibited:
1. Building, maintaining, attending, or using any fire, or campfire except in a designated fire ring.  
2. Smoking, chewing tobacco, vaping, alcohol, and non-prescription drugs are not permitted inside any building on our grounds or under any pavilion.  Smoking is not allowed within 25 feet of entrances.
3. Discharging or using any fireworks, tracer ammunition, or other pyrotechnic devices including
exploding targets.
4. Firearms may not be discharged near campsites, picnic areas, or within’ 600′ of any building in our park.

NO FIREWORKS, that includes sparklers, firecrackers, and anything that says fireworks.

Graffiti on the rocks has become a problem again.  This is your park, help us keep it open, clean, and beautiful. If you see someone carving in the rocks, please report it. No glass on the beach or jumping rocks.  

All dogs must be on a leash, no greater than 6 feet. Owners of dogs off-leash will be cited. No pets left unattended.

To see more park rules, visit:

New boat decontamination dip tank install has been completed!

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources has installed the new hot water dip tank here at Sand Hollow State Park. The dip tank shoots water through the boat systems, killing any quagga mussels easier and faster.