Rockport State Park

Old Church

Old Church Venue

Frequently asked Questions:

How much does it cost to rent the Old Church Venue?

You will pay a total of $825.00.  

Required fees
$200 Deposit (To save the date)
$475.00 Building Rental
$150 cleaning deposit (refundable if cleaned properly)
Total: $825.00 (If cleaned adequately you will receive a refund of $150.00 paying only $675.00)

How do I reserve the Old Church?

Please submit an application by clicking on the link Old Church Venue Reservation Application once application is received please allow up to two weeks to hear back from a Park Representative. Once contacted you can “save the date” with the $200.00 deposit and will need to fill out additional forms/agreements if accepted.

When I rent the Old Church what time can we start setting up?

The Old Church building and the surrounding grounds are yours from noon on your event date until 11:00 am the next day.  No sleeping in the Old Church building.

How many people can I have inside the building?

The capacity for the building is 90 people maximum.

Can I rent the other campsites near the Old Church, “Riverside Campground”

Yes, if they have not been reserved by other customers.  If you are renting the Old Church and would like more space or privacy for your event you can rent sites in the Riverside Campground  The park staff will do the reservation for you, [please indicate on the application.  If you would like to rent/reserve all of the individual sites in the Riverside Campground it will cost $460.00/night, The Riverside Group site is $225.00/night. $685.00 for all of Riverside. If you reserve everything “Below the Dam ” we will not enforce quiet hours,  unless your party becomes unreasonably loud and disturbs the nearby residents of Wanship.

Is there water and power?

The Old Church has 15 electrical outlets inside the church. There are 6 outlets at the pavilion. There is potable water outside the church.

What restroom facilities are on-site?

There are vault toilets outside the Old Church. These are cleaned prior to each event.

Can I serve food and drinks inside the Old Church?

No food or drinks are allowed inside the building.  However, you may have food and drinks (including alcoholic beverages) outside in the surrounding grounds and at the pavilion.

South side

Pavilion and potable water

Vault restrooms. These restrooms are cleaned before each event.

All of the shudders and windows open to allow natural light to come through.

There are 2 large wooden barrels for you to place your own flower arrangement that matches your wedding color scheme.

The Old Church has heat for those cold spring and fall days.

There is a large grass field across from the Old Church for parking.