Palisade State Park

Park Rentals

On your visit to Palisade State Park you’re going to want to spend some time playing in the water. But you either don’t have the toys to play in the water, or you don’t have the room to bring your own toys.  Well we have a solution for you.  Palisade State Park has it’s own rental service.  We rent Paddle boats, Paddleboards, Canoes and Kayaks for kids and adults.  Your rental fee comes with life jackets and paddles.  And if you want to just rent life jackets we have those to rent also.

paddle boats

Current Rental Prices

Paddle boats and Paddleboards: $20 for 1 hour, $40 for 4 hours, and $60 for all-day

Canoes and Adult Kayaks: $10 for 1 hour, $20 for 4 hours and $30 for all-day

Kid Kayaks: $5 for 1 hour and $15 for 4 hours

Firewood: $5/bundle

Ice: $3/bag

For a list of all park fees go to Park Fees