Palisade State Park


Park Rules and Regulations

Please observe the following to help make your stay more enjoyable at Palisade State Park

  • Quiet Hours are 10 PM to  7 AM  Music and generators must be turned off during this time.  Please be considerate of your neighbors and keep noise to a minimum.
  • Showers are closed between 10 AM and 5 PM.  This is to help conserve water.
  • Dogs must be leashed and under control at all times.  Do not leave dogs unattended.  Please clean up after your pet!
  • OHV use in campgrounds is limited to in and out traffic.  No joyriding in the campground area. Helmets required for those riding under 18.  Education course required for anyone without a valid driver’s license.  Keep all OHVs on the pavement. Anyone under 18 can operate an OHV on public land if they are:
      • Able to reach and operate each control necessary to safely operate the off-highway vehicle and;
      • Have in their possession an OHV education certificate or a valid Driver’s License and;
      • Under direct adult supervision

Adult supervision is required if:

      • Under 18;
      • Does not possess a valid driver’s license; and (Note: Learners permit requires licensed parent/guardian seated next to driver (adult supervision))
      • Operating an OHV on a public highway that is: Open to motor vehicles; and
      • not exclusively reserved for OHV use.
  • Fires are permitted only in the designated grills or fire pits or your personal fire pits that are at least 16 inches off the ground.  Do not leave fires unattended.  Firewood gathering is Not Permitted!
  • Parking is permitted only in the designated areas.  Day Use vehicles and Overnight vehicles must fit in site to stay in the park.  Keep tires on the pavement.
  • Jumping Off Rocks can be dangerous.  Jump at your own risk.
  • Air Mattress or Tubes:  more than 50 feet from shore requires a life jacket for each person.
  • Beach: No fires or vehicles on the beach area.
  • Trees: Please be careful when tying things to trees that they can handle the stress.
  • Boating:  Restricted to boats with electric trolling motors and non-motorized boats.  Vessels with motors must be registered.  All boat operators must have one life jacket for each person on board.  All boaters 12 or younger must wear a life jacket at all times.  This rule includes stand-up paddleboards also.
  • Fireworks: Explosives and fireworks, including sparklers, are prohibited.

Campground Reservations

  • Individual campsite reservations can be made a minimum of two days in advance of the arrival date and up to 4 months in advance of the park check-out date.
  • Groupsite reservations may be made up to 11 months in advance.  The reservation pays for a minimum number of people.  If you go beyond that number of people, you will be charged a fee for each person above the minimum number of people.
  • Length of stay is limited to 5 days per reservation.
  • When making a reservation you will not be charged for any extra vehicles that you are bringing to the park.  You will have to pay for those when you get to the campground.
  • Reservations are always recommended (especially for weekend stays), and may be made by calling (800) 322-3770 or visiting