Palisade State Park


 Special Events

Palisade State Park 6th Annual Fishing Tournament

Our fishing tournament was a great success again this year.  We will probably be doing it again next year, so check back here for information when it come available.  The tournament will be held like always the weekend of Mother’s Day.

Tagged Fish Contest

We have 50 tagged fish that have been planted in the lake this year.  We have prizes for people that catch a tagged fish.

This will be how the prizes work.

1. The first person to catch a tagged fish and turn it in at the first of the month will get a tackle box and an All Day Paddleboat/Paddleboard rental.
2. Any tagged fish caught after the first fish each month will win an All Day Canoe/Kayak Rental
3. You must bring your fish to the Entrance Station and have a Valid Day Use Permit.
4. Anyone who catches a tagged fish and does not have a valid day use permit will receive a 1 Hour Canoe Rental.

The tackle box was already given out for May at our fishing tournament so the next tackle box will be rewarded to the first tagged fish caught in June. But if you catch a fish before that bring it in and you will receive a canoe or kayak rental. We will be giving a tackle box every month until September to the first tagged fish caught in each month.

*The free boats are subject to availability

Daily/Weekly Events


Palisade State Park Jr. Ranger Program

Have you ever thought that you might want to be a park ranger when you grow up?  Now is your chance to see, and do, some of what a ranger does by participating in our Jr. Ranger program at Palisade State Park.  Jr. Ranger Booklets can be picked up at the park entrance station (for a small fee). In the booklet you will find fun activities that you can complete to earn your Jr. Ranger badge.  When you have finished the activities, just bring the book back to the place you got it.  An official will make sure you have completed enough activities and award you your badge.

Jr. Ranger Pic

Palisade State Park Geocache Adventure

Do you want to look for hidden treasure and also learn the history of Palisade State Park?  If you participate in the Palisade State Park Geocache Adventure you can do just that.  We have an awesome geocache course set up around the whole lake.  There are 15 geocaches around the lake each with a little history about Palisade State Park and a treasure to choose from.  Geocache Adventure Booklets can be picked up at the park entrance station (for a small fee).  In the booklet you will find the coordinates to each of the geocaches.  Bring your own GPS unit and enter the coordinates or you can use one of ours with the coordinates already entered in.  You can choose to follow the whole course or pick and choose which coordinates you want to go to.  So go on a modern treasure hunt and learn a little bit about the park!