Gunlock State Park


Attention Boaters:

Gunlock currently lacks facilities to decontaminate boats coming from Lake Powell, Lake Mead or other contaminated waters. To avoid frustration and additional travel, please plan ahead and get your boat decontaminated before arriving at the lake. Ensure you have your decontamination certificate and clean blue tag attached to your vessel.

Decontamination Locations:

  • Port of Entry, just south of St. George on I-15
  • Sand Hollow State Park

After decontamination, you can enjoy a great day on the lake. Our goal is to protect our waterways and reservoirs from contamination. Your cooperation is essential.

Dry Times:

  • Boats with inboard motors, ballast tanks, or sea strainers: 30 days year-round.
  • Kayaks, SUPs, Jet boats/skis, and simple outboard motors without ballast tanks:
    • June, July, August: 7 days
    • Spring and Fall: 18 days
    • Winter: 30 days

Help Us Keep Our Water Clean:

  • Plan to decontaminate as soon as possible after boating in contaminated waters.
  • Avoid fines and impoundment by following the rules.
  • Our staff is dedicated to protecting our resources and appreciates your cooperation and patience.

Thank you for helping us maintain clean and clear waterways, free from invasive species. Please see the link for more information.