Bear Lake State Park

OHV Riding Opportunities

Bear Lake State Park does not have any Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) riding opportunities within its park areas.  However, there are several riding areas nearby.

Bear Lake State Park is considered “OHV Friendly” as OHVs are allowed into the park. However, please note that if they are taken off of a trailer, they must follow the same rules as other motor vehicles while in the park.

An OHV must be street legal to operate on US Highway 89 and Utah SR 30. Cisco Road and other roads in Garden City and Laketown are open to regular registered OHVs. Those leaving the State Park Marina and Rendezvous Beach facilities must be street legal as they access US Highway 89 and Utah State Road 30. OHVs leaving from the park’s east side areas of First Point, South Eden, Cisco Beach, Rainbow Cove, and North Eden can be registered as an OHV.

Riding areas include:

  • Garden City Canyon to access US Forest Service trails in the upper parts of Logan Canyon.
  • Hodges CanyonRichardson Fork to access US Forest Service trails along the Sinks Road in Logan Canyon.
  • Temple CanyonCottonwood Canyon roads to access US Forest Service trails and connect to Hardware Ranch, First Point and Tower Hill
  • South Eden Canyon road and 6-mile trail.