Harmful Algal Blooms at Utah State Parks

“Take Time Before Playtime”

Take Time Before Playtime

Algae are a normal occurrence in lakes, ponds, rivers, and other bodies of water. Occasionally, large accumulations of cyanobacteria can result in harmful algal blooms. These blooms may be harmful to pets and people.

Before hitting the lake for some fun in the sun, we encourage visitors to check current algae conditions.

Much like ice thickness and avalanche warnings, algae conditions can be a constantly changing variable in the outdoors. As such, it’s important for recreators to take the time to check these conditions before their playtime begins.

Both local and state health officials work together with Utah State Parks to keep the public informed about potential harmful algae blooms. Should a Utah State Park waterbody become designated as having a harmful algal bloom, park management will post the appropriate warnings on each individual park website.

If necessary, local health officials will also post appropriate advisory signs at the park. In most cases, these warning or danger advisory signs will be posted at the entrance booths to each state park.

For more information on HABs or to report a bloom visit the Utah Division of Water Quality website:

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