Camp Floyd State Park Museum

School Field Trips

Reservations are being taken. Call (801) 768-8932 or email

Camp Floyd / Stagecoach Inn State Park and Museum is a destination of choice for teachers and educational tour operators from across the state. Our school programs include interactive, hands-on experiences for students as they become engaged in the activities of a soldier at Camp Floyd in 1861.

Students hear a first-hand account of life in Johnston’s Army by a staff member in period military uniform, view musket fire, and experience the life of a soldier by marching, drilling, making candles and adobe bricks; race for the Pony Express, experience class in a 19th-century schoolhouse and view the Stagecoach Inn and Camp Floyd Commissary.

We had a great time at the park for our field trip. The hands-on is so great for learning and remembering.

— Fourth Grade Elementary Teacher, Springville, Utah

Thank you for a great time at Camp Floyd. That was one of the best field trips I’ve ever been on!

— Fourth Grade Student, West Jordan, Utah

The program runs a little over two hours to complete, so plan accordingly.  The cost is $4 per person including parents and teachers, which can be paid upon arrival. There is a minimum of 75 students to reserve a space for the program. We encourage smaller schools to pair together prior to making a reservation, but we can match schools as necessary to meet this minimum requirement. School program reservations can be made for Monday through Friday from the first week of April through the third week of October.

We will send you an email with detailed instructions at least three weeks before your scheduled field trip. The school(s) will need to provide nine parents and/or teachers who could assist us with the activities. Click here to see the seven activities requiring parent/teacher assistance. Please ensure all volunteers coming to assist receive a copy of their activity, and become familiar with it, prior to arriving at the park. Please note that two of these activities require two parents/teachers each. Further detailed instructions will be given upon arriving at the park.

Before your school arrives at the park, we recommend having a system of dividing them into nine groups. This will help things run smoothly upon your arrival. After the program is over, your students are welcome to eat lunch at the park and bring money to spend at our gift shop if they would like. Please be sure your kids dress appropriately for the day as most activities are conducted outdoors.

Please feel free to contact us if there are any questions. We look forward to sharing a piece of Utah history with you and your students!

School field trips are $4 per student.

To make a reservation, call Camp Floyd at (801) 768-8932 or email

Traveling Trunk

If your class cannot make it to Camp Floyd State Park, bring Camp Floyd into your classroom! Camp Floyd State Park is pleased to offer you and your students our Camp Floyd Traveling Trunk. Through various clothing items, military accouterments, pastime activities, photographs, literature, and more, students will be able to appreciate what the daily life of a Camp Floyd soldier was actually like. The curriculum and clothing of the trunk is targeted for 4th and 5th Grade students.  The trunk comes with a lesson plan or teachers may use their own lesson plan with the contents of the trunk. The trunk is available for a one-week time frame throughout the school year along with a $100 reservation fee. The trunk must be picked up and dropped off at Camp Floyd State Park upon use.  To make a reservation, call the park at (801) 768-8932 or email