Hyrum State Park

Current Conditions

Last Updated: March 25, 2023

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Fishing Conditions:  Fishing Hot Spots

Stocking Reports: Fish Stocking Report

Dam Camera: Hyrum Dam Cam

Current Park Projects

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Remove low-hanging limbs in the campground (Will Re-Assess in Spring)

Repaint Water Spigots Blue (Spring)

Replace Park Bench Seats at Beach Area

Re-Seal Cabin Floors

Replace Locks on Cabin Doors

Replace warped door on Cabin

Recently Completed Projects

Redo Irrigation Sprinklers around new entrance sign, to prevent water spots ~ (Completed, November)

Replace wood mulch in flower beds in front of the Visitor Center ~ (Completed, November)

Paint restroom doors throughout the park ~ (Completed, November)

Trim up trees & remove excess wood debris on Swim Beach ~ (Completed, November)

Remove Unusable Amphitheatre seating ~ (Completed, November)

Remove large hanging branch in willow tree at Swim Beach ~ (Completed, November)

Replace Tires on Maintenance Trailer (Completed, November)

Replace Tires on Maintenance Trailer (Completed, November)

Remove invasive Russian olive trees below the high water line (Completed, November)

Clean up Trees in the East Picnic area (Completed, November)

Update park details and amenities on Reserve America for camping reservations (Completed, December)

Garage Door Repair ~ (Completed, December)

New Tires for Maintenance Truck ~ (Completed, December)

Repair fence in the campground that was damaged by a hit-in-run driver (Completed, January)