Hyrum State Park

Current Conditions

Last Updated: February 23, 2024

*Special Winter Alert Notice*

Ice is Never 100% Safe!Do not judge ice safety on thickness alone. Ice does not form or maintain a uniform thickness. Snow, wind, slush, temperature, and other factors can cause ice thickness and strength to vary greatly, even within inches. Recreate on ice at your own risk and verify ice thickness as you head out. Click here to learn more ice safety tips.

OHV UseOHVs are allowed on the ice only, not on the shoreline or beach. OHVs must use the launch ramp at Hyrum Marina to access the ice.  


Boat Ramp: Open (6:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.)
Docks: Removed for the season
Fish Cleaning Station: Off – Winterized
AIS Decontaminations: Closed for the season
Restrooms: Traditional – Closed; Dry restroom – Open, cleaned daily
Trash Bins: Emptied nightly 
Mowing & Watering: N/A


Campground Availability: First come, first served until May 1, 2024
Restrooms & Showers: Traditional – Closed; Dry restroom available at Marina
Dumpsters: Locked, trash bin available
Mowing & Watering: N/A*
*Additional lawn care maybe done at anytime based on need, accessibility & weather.

Hyrum Beach

Boat Restriction: None, buoys removed for the season
Pedestrian Dock: Removed for the season
Restrooms: Traditional – Closed for the season; Dry restroom – Open, cleaned daily
Dumpster: Locked, trash bin available
Mowing & Watering: N/A

Additional Resources

Dam Camera: Hyrum Dam Cam
Fishing Conditions:  Fishing Hot Spots
Stocking Reports: Fish Stocking Report

Current Park Projects

  • Replace the park bench seats at the Beach Area
  • Tractor Equipment and small engine maintenance
  • Replace glass on outside front entry way bulletin board
  • Install irrigation water meters
  • Remove various trip hazards caused by tree roots

Recently Completed Projects

  • Remove low-hanging limbs in the campground
  • Remove low-hanging limbs in the east parking lot
  • Trim grass below the east parking lot
  • Grade beach
  • Fix the Group Area pavilion roof caused by excessive weight from snow
  • AC Unit Repaired
  • Repaint Water Faucets Safety Blue, and stain wood posts
  • Remove broken benches in campground
  • Clean out rain gutters on buildings throughout the park
  • Linseed oil cabins
  • Trim shoreline trees at the beach area and the east parking lot
  • Pull Buoys
  • Pull Docks
  • Winterize sprinkler lines
  • Winterize restrooms
  • Winterize Patrol Boat
  • Repair Kubota Mower Engine
  • Trim the shoreline by the campground
  • Repair electric outlet on beach area restroom
  • Repaint the entry way canoe
  • Finish History Page on Park Website
  • Add Campground Site Information to Publications Page
  • Prepare for winter by placing snow markers & purchasing ice melt
  • Replacing blades on snow plow
  • Remove dead cottonwood tree in east parking area