Great Salt Lake State Park


Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 all events in the park have been postponed until further notice. The Park remains open for visitation though. The park is open from sunrise to sunset. For more information on State Parks and the COVID-19 please visit

Special Use Permits are required for any events or activities beyond normal park activities.  Such activities needing a permit would include any commercial activity, athletic events, music events, bouncy houses, large groups, filming, fishing tournaments, etc.  An application and $10 fee is required at least 30 days before the event.  Additional forms may be required, such as a Marine Event Form, depending on the type of event.  The Park Manager will then review the application and determine if the activity can be approved with a Special Use Permit.  The Special Use Permit fee is $50.  Additional fees vary depending on the type of event and impact to the park and public.  

Link to the Special Use Permit Application: