Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum


Ancient Skies Through Ancient Eyes

Ancient Skies Through Ancient Eyes is a photographic exhibition by Mr. Bob Maynard. The exhibition opens to the public March 23, 2019, and features a selection of photographs from Maynard’s book on archeaoastronomy and night photography in the desert Southwest. Ancient Skies Through Ancient Eyes takes you on an exciting discovery of the unexpected abundance of ancient rock art and ruins in and around the Colorado Plateau of the American Southwest. It examines rock art styles and delves into ways the ancient ones used rock art panels and architecture to mark the passing of time and the seasons. The exhibition will run until October 31, 2019.

Bob Maynard is a national award-winning photographer who founded Colorado Plateau Photo Tours in 2009. As a resident of Boulder, Colorado, he has held federal permits in sixteen national parks, national monuments, or BLM areas and has led workshops in 9 states. Nearly one thousand photographers have used his services. He and his wife, Cindy, have published two books, A Photographer’s Guide to Colorado’s National Parks and Monuments, and Ancient Skies Through Ancient Eyes.

2019 Archaeology Day at Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum

Participate in our annual Archaeology Day festivities on  May 4th, from 10-4. Included in the demonstrations are weaver Chris Lewis (Zuni), replica potter John Olsen, and flintknapper Greg Nunn. And dovetailing with the 2019 Four Corners Lecture Series, Richard Friedman will speak at 2 pm regarding “Using Computer Technology to Aid in the Identification, Documentation, and Visualization of the Chacoan Landscape (Built Environment).” Lots going on–come join us!

Please stay tuned for further updates regarding Archaeology Month around the State of Utah.

2019 Four Corners Lecture Series lectures at the Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum

May 4th (Saturday), 2 pm. GIS specialist Richard Friedman will present “Using Computer Technology to Aid in the Identification, Documentation, and Visualization of the Chacoan Landscape (Built Environment).” Friedman’s presentation imagery is stunning–you won’t want to miss this!
June 8th (Saturday), 2 pm. CANCELLED Archaeologist James Willian will present “Tipi Rings and Numic Camps in the Greater Bluff, Utah Area.” Jay hails from Bluff, and is one of the region’s great students of the Ute peoples’ deep history. SUBSTITUTING: Geologist Gene Stevenson will present “A Geologic Overview of the Colorado Plateau Physiographic Province: The where, what, when, and how it came to be!” Same time, Saturday, June 8, 2 PM.
June 22nd (Saturday), 2 pm. Geologist Gene Stevenson will give us “Canyon Country Explorations & River Lore: The Remarkable Resilient Life of Kenny Ross.” Gene’s presentation riffs on his recent book about river runner Kenny Ross–no doubt the conversation will turn to the interesting histories of our regional rivers as well. Of course, Mr. Stevenson will also be available to sign copies of his book!
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September 14th (Saturday), 2 pm. Researcher John Pitts will present a lecture “When Lightning Strikes Twice: A Novel Approach to Associating Rock Art Images and Fulgurites.” The lecture is free and open to the public. Please see the event poster below for more information about Mr. Pitts’ presentation.