Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

OHV Safety Tips

Visitor safety is our number one concern. While enjoying the acres of beautiful dunes, please follow these rules:

WHIPTAIL FLAG: All riders must have an orange whiptail flag on their off-highway vehicles.

WEAR YOUR HELMET: Utah law requires that all riders under 18 must wear a properly sized and fastened helmet. We also strongly recommend that adult riders wear a helmet.  Helmets save lives.

ZERO TOLERANCE: Alcohol and drugs do not mix with any type of vehicle, including off-highway vehicles. Alcohol impairs judgment and reduces reaction time. Sadly, every year we have several alcohol-related OHV deaths. DUI laws apply to OHVs. If you’re going to drink, don’t drive and don’t ride.

EDUCATION: Youth must be certified to legally operate an OHV on public lands. Visit our Youth Education page for more information and for kids to study and take the certification test. Parents, remember that this course is designed to keep your children safe; and it’s the law.

Adult supervision is required if:

  • Under 18;
  • Does not possess a valid driver’s license; and (Note: Learners permit requires licensed parent/guardian seated next to driver (adult supervision))
  • Operating an OHV on a public highway that is:
  • Open to motor vehicles; and
  • not exclusively reserved for OHV use.

CARRYING PASSENGERS: DON’T! ATV manufacturers place warnings on machines stating not to carry passengers. Obey these recommendations. Carrying passengers changes the balance, weight, and handling of the machines. Several accidents every year claim the lives of passengers who were “just along for the ride.”