Camp Floyd State Park Museum

Youth Program

Boy Scouts – Johnston’s Army Adventure Camp

Johnston’s Army Adventure Camp is designed for Boy Scouts age 11 and up and offers an authentic and unique hands-on adventure! Scouts travel back in time to 1858 – 1861 and enter the world of a soldier with Johnston’s Army at Camp Floyd in the Utah Territory. New recruits are processed, mustered into the army and issued uniforms. As a new enlisted private, scouts will shoulder their musket, and march off to a new adventure! Leaving modern possessions behind, the call of bugles and officers’ commands will replace the daily routine of 21st century life. The camp curriculum is based on the history of Johnston’s Army at Camp Floyd, Utah Territory, and is designed to complete the requirements for the American Heritage Merit Badge and the National Historic Trails Award. The camp size is limited to 30 scouts and leaders. Camp fees are $25 per boy/adult, which includes all camp material, breakfast, and a Camp Floyd State Park patch. This two-day program includes a stay over night with sleeping accommodations in recreated military tents. Scouts will need to provide their own sleeping gear.  Please call the park at 801-768-8932 to register for the event.

2015 Dates
April 17th –18th

May 1st – 2nd
May 15th- 16th
May 29th – 30th – FULL

June 19th – 20th

August 7th -8th

September 11th-12th
September 18th – 19th
September 25th – 26th

October 9th – 10th
October 16th – 17th

Camp Floyd History Camp for Kids
Camp Floyd History Camps for kids are a fun-filled educational experience about how soldiers lived at Camp Floyd in 1861, and how the Utah War served pre-Civil War objectives. Campers will meet costumed interpreters, play 19th Century games, drill, march and set up a soldier’s camp, fire an 1860’s period firearm, make and take home soldier craft activities. Other activities include conducting a full-scale military exercise; and observing muskets and a cannon fired. Participants will receive a history camp tee shirt, kepi, replica rifle, canteen, haversack, yo-yo, and more. Campers will return home each day with furlough papers. The park may be able to provide carpooling information with others in your area. These programs are for both boys and girls, 8-11 years of age. Each camp is limited to 26 participants and will run from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. each day. Reservations and $95 camp fee are required.

2015 Dates
June 9th – 11th – Full
June 23th – 25th (9 spots available)
July 14th – 16th (19 spots available)
July 28th – 30th (24 spots available)
August 11th – 13th (15 spots available)

Cub Scout Camp Floyd Adventure
Attention Cub Scout Bears!  Come experience the life of a soldier at Camp Floyd and complete Achievement 8:  The Past Is Exciting and Important.  Tour the museum, march and drill like a soldier at Camp Floyd, play with period toys and games, and receive a Camp Floyd patch.  Cost is $7 per adult or boy.  The program is two hours beginning at 4:30 pm.  Advance registration is required.

2015 Dates:
May 13th
Ladies of Camp Floyd
Camp Floyd is partnering with Girl Scouts for the Ladies of Camp Floyd!  Take a step back in time to learn about the life and times of women at Camp Floyd.  The Ladies of Camp Floyd program is designed for Junior Girl Scouts ages 8 to 11 to complete the requirements for the Playing the Past Badge. Participants will wear a period dress and hoop skirt, meet costumed interpreters, play 19th Century games, learn etiquette of the period, make a lace collar and wool yarn bracelet, learn a period dance, and more.  The day camp will be conducted from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  We look forward to confirming your reservation for this entertaining, education experience.  The cost is $20 per girl and $5 per adult.
2015 Dates
June 6th
Birthday Party Program
Come celebrate your birthday with the soldiers at Camp Floyd!  Fun and educational for kids and easy for you!  Hear the story of Camp Floyd from a costumed interpreter, march and drill with replica rifles, tour the museum, build a whirligig, and make ice cream.  Each participant takes home a kepi hat and whirligig.  The birthday boy or girl receives an officer’s hat!  Cake with soldier décor and refreshments are provided.  The program is about 2 hours. Cost is $120 for 8 children and $15 for each additional child.  Adults are free!

Two weeks advance notice is required and based on availability.  To book a party call (801) 768-8932 or e-mail