Antelope Island State Park

Field Trips

Field Trip Opportunities

Education Group Rate: $1 per person with advanced reservations.
Schools arriving without a reservation may be charged the regular commercial group rate of $3 per person/$5 per bus.
Reservations must be made at least one week in advance (sooner is recommended to ensure availability).

To schedule a field trip, guided tour or discussion, or to check out the Teacher Toolbox, contact Charity Owens, Park Naturalist, email

Staff Assisted Programs

Note: The Visitor Center Tour is no longer available.  Due to crowding school groups (guided or unguided) will no longer be able to go inside the visitor center.

1. Naturalist Amphitheater Talk – 30 minutes

This is for groups of 150 or smaller.

This talk will be held at the amphitheater outside of the visitor center. The naturalist talk may focus on any of the following topics: information about Great Salt Lake, wildlife, birds, ecology, plants and geology. If you have another topic request please include it in your field trip request.

2. Beach Basics – Approximately 1.5  hours

This is for groups of 30 or smaller.

Due to low water conditions there is approximately a 1/2 mile walk to the water through sand.  This is not conducive for young children or groups with mobility issues.

Staff guided Beach Basics is for groups of 30 or less. Larger groups are encouraged to experience the beach on their own (see below for details and opportunities). Beach Basics takes students to the waters of Great Salt Lake and guides them through activities that teach about the unique sand, salt water plants and their adaptations, how and why the lake is so salty, and life in the lake, including Brine Shrimp and Brine Fly life cycles. Students will have the opportunity to wade out into the lake to look for Brine Flies and Brine Shrimp (if conditions allow).

3. Buffalo Point Hike – 1 hour

This is for groups of 30 or smaller.

There is no shade on this hike and there is elevation gain.  If you come in the summer plan on hiking in the morning or evening to avoid the heat.

Schools electing to take a guided hike to Buffalo Point will take a half-mile hike to a fun and breathtaking overlook of Great Salt Lake and the north end of the Island. Discussions and activities will focus on the geology of the area; how Antelope Island got here, the type and age of the rocks, and the life of Great Salt Lake, including Lake Bonneville.  You can choose to discuss the wildlife of Antelope Island instead of geology.

Note: Due to time and staffing constraints, schools may choose only one of the above activities once per field trip to be staff assisted. 

Self-Guided Opportunities
The following opportunities can be mixed according to your needs and time-frame. These may be combined with staff assisted programs as available.

1. Historic Fielding Garr Ranch

The Historic Fielding Garr Ranch offers teacher/parent-guided activities focusing on life aspects of the early ranchers of Antelope Island.

Below are some self-guided activities educators may incorporate into Ranch visits:

Wetland’s Walk
Building Tours -For building tour scavenger hunts click here.

2. Hikes

There are a number of hikes of varying degrees of difficulty, including the ¼ mile Lady Finger Point, ½ mile Buffalo Point, 2.7 mile Lakeside Trail and others.  Topics could include plants, animals, birds, geology, Great Salt Lake, Lake Bonneville, etc.

3. Beach Visit/Teacher Toolbox

Schools can develop their own outline of activities, or simply have a beach day, and let their students wade/swim in the water.

For schools wishing to visit the beach on their own but would like additional teaching tools, the park offers a Teacher Toolbox for free checkout. This toolbox contains a variety of lesson plans with all necessary supplies to conduct those activities. There is a list of what supplies are provided in the How Salty Is It? lesson plan.  The Teacher Toolbox lesson plans include:

A Pre/Post Trip Quiz

How Salty Is It?

Oolitic Sand

Plant Adaptation

Four Living Things In Great Salt Lake

These lesson plans are geared mainly toward a 4th grade education level, but can be adapted to fit your individual needs.

Other Guided Tours/Activities/Programs
For schools or groups who would like a guided discussion or tour not covered in the topics above, please contact the park and we can arrange a special program geared toward your needs.

Additional Resources

Great Salt Lake Education Packet
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