Quagga Mussels (AIS)

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Been to Lake Powell or Waters Outside of Utah Lately?

Lake Powell is a fun and exciting place for boaters. However, because of the lake’s low water levels – along with an increase in the presence of quagga mussels – more boaters are leaving Lake Powell with mussels attached to their vessels. This problem is also present in multiple waters outside of Utah.

Our technicians are finding quagga on and in boats that have only been in Lake Powell for a day or two, which is something boaters haven’t experienced in the past.

When leaving Lake Powell, if you choose to clean, drain and dry your own boat — rather than having it professionally decontaminated — take the time to:

  • Inspect its anchor and sea strainer
  • Flush and inspect its cooling intake or water system
  • Pull the bilge plug

If you decide to go to another lake or reservoir after visiting Lake Powell, your boat will be inspected. If mussels are found during that inspection, your boat will be decontaminated and quarantined. Take the time to thoroughly clean, drain, and dry your boat.

Boaters who are not residents of Utah are required to take the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Aquatic Invasive Species Education Course as part of their “Mussel-Aware Boater Program.” The course is voluntary for Utah residents.

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