Quagga Mussels (AIS)

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Been to Lake Powell or Waters Outside of Utah Lately?

Lake Powell is a fun and exciting place for boaters. However, because of the lake’s low water levels – along with an increase in the presence of quagga mussels – more boaters are leaving Lake Powell with mussels attached to their vessels. This problem is also present in multiple waters outside of Utah.

There are requirements for all vessels launching in Utah and they apply to resident and non-resident boaters. To help, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources recommends you plan for the following:

  • Owners of non-motorized vessels and motorized watercraft — if it floats, it’s a boat! — need to complete the annual AIS Mussel-aware Boater education course. Only one course completion certificate (printed or downloaded to the DWR app) is required per launch vehicle.
  • All motorized vessels must enroll in the AIS program and purchase a current-year decal for their boat ($20 for vessels registered in Utah, $25 for out-of-state boaters). 


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