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Where Does Your Dollar Go When You Purchase a Utah State Parks Annual Pass?

When you purchase an annual pass, campsite or day-use pass for Utah State Parks, you’re gaining access to breathtaking natural landscapes and unforgettable experiences. But did you know that you’re also directly contributing to the betterment of these beautiful parks?

The Utah Division of State Parks takes great pride in its self-sufficiency, meaning that every dollar you spend on passes goes back into enhancing and operating the Utah State Parks system. Let’s explore how your contribution supports park improvements, ensures incredible visitor experiences, helps protect wildlife and benefits local communities.

  • Enhancing Operations and Maintenance: Your pass purchase plays a vital role in keeping the Utah State Parks system running smoothly. The funds are dedicated to supporting all park operations, including staff, maintenance and administration. By investing in these essential resources, you help maintain a clean, safe and friendly environment for everyone to enjoy.

  • Upgrades and Maintenance: Your contributions make a real difference in the upkeep of park facilities. Regular maintenance, repairs and upgrades are essential to providing you with the best possible experience. The funds generated enable Utah State Parks to invest in improving infrastructure, ensuring that everything from picnic areas to visitor centers and trails are well-maintained, functional and attractive for your enjoyment.

  • Developing New Facilities: Thanks to your support, Utah State Parks can create new facilities and amenities that enhance your park experience. Your dollars contribute to the development of new campgrounds, day-use areas, boat ramps, trails and much more. These additions not only expand recreational opportunities but also ensure that the parks can accommodate increasing visitor numbers while preserving the natural beauty of Utah.

  • Boosting Local Communities: By choosing to visit and support Utah State Parks, you’re not only immersing yourself in nature but also positively impacting local communities. The money you spend on park fees circulates within nearby towns and cities. You directly contribute to the local economy when you purchase groceries, fill up your gas tank, stay in local hotels or hire guides and services. Your support helps create jobs, stimulate growth and foster vibrant communities.

When you purchase an annual pass for Utah State Parks, you’re actively investing in the ongoing success and improvement of our cherished natural treasures. Your dollars support park operations, fuel the development of new facilities, ensure maintenance and upgrades, and benefit the wildlife and communities that surround the parks. By being a part of this collective effort, you help preserve Utah’s natural beauty, create memorable experiences and ensure that future generations can enjoy these incredible parks. 

So, go ahead and explore Utah State Parks with the knowledge that your dollar is making a difference!

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